Pic of the Week – Eric Ancog

Hey Mark and Sergey!

Epic trip on the Royal Star on Memorial Day Weekend! Caught limits of excellent grade of bluefin.  3 of the bluefin I caught were in the #100 class.  4 of the 6 bluefin were caught on jigs and 2 on sinker rigs.  Of the 4 jig fish, 3 bluefin were caught on a Tady TSP jig, two on the 125 gm (blue and pink) and one on the 250 gm (green) and the other was on a 120 gm blue and chrome colt sniper.  On the Tady TSP jigs, hooks were upgraded to the HD mustad assist hooks and one had an owner 8/0 hook on a swivel. All jigs were rigged with #130 flouro leader. Most of the bites have been at night with some during the day on the sinker rigs.  Attached is a bluefin caught on a Tady TSP 125 gm blue and pink jig that I picked up from your store earlier this year. Thanks again for all the tackle and fishing tips!  See you guys at the store soon!

-Eric Ancog