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Pic of the Week

Thought this was a pretty epic catch with my
little bass rod as nobody was getting bit with
the larger gear I went ultralight and landed a
50 pounder.

Caught on a Charkbait Custom
Rainshadow MB846
Hi Sergei and Mark,

I was on a 15 day trip on the Excel to Hurricane Bank in May
2013. The tuna bite shut down so I decided to try lighter tackle
for Wahoo. I had purchased an Avet JX at Charkbait in March
that year and built a Calstar 660H for it.

I got a sardine and cast it out. I was bit in a few minutes and
could tell it wasn’t a Wahoo. It felt more like a White Seabass but
when I got it up, it was strange looking! Mike gaffed it and
brought it onboard. Skipper Justin Fleck said it was the biggest
Chopa that he had ever seen. He checked online and discovered
that it was a “Black Jack” and bigger than the current world
record fish caught by Cal Sheets. It weighed 41 lb-7 oz on the
certified scale at Fisherman’s Landing when we returned. I filed
all the necessary paperwork and became the new record holder!

I now have a whole set of Avets(8) from Charkbait. Fantastic
reels for everything from Calico Bass to Cows!

Bob Seidler

I wanted to send you a quick note and let you know
the red left handed Avets you guys found for me
have worked out awesomely. Here are a few pics of
what I was able to land this week from the Apache
Pier in Myrtle Beach. The UC Terminator you
recommend in 8’ is an amazing rod and definitely
gets the job done. Thanks again.

King Mackerel was 28.1 Lbs with the LX Raptor on
the UC GUSA.
Red Drums were 28”, 26”, 26” & 20”. The 20” was
an in slot keeper and the others were all released.

Mark, wanted to say thank you for all the great and advise and just being a super guy. Hete are a few pics of our cathes here at Kwajalein Atoll on the gear we got from you. Sail fish, marlin, yellow fin tuna, ono (wahoo), cava cava, aku, rainbow runner, mahi mahi, barracuda, and so much more. Even added a few pics of non fishing fun. Can't thank you enough!!!!! Thanks Mark.

Brad Reed
Hey Mark and Sergey,

Just returned last weekend from my 8 day trip on the Shogun
sponsored by Penn. It was one Epic trip! Caught my personal
best Bluefin #140 on an Okuma PCH 701 XXH that I got from
Charkbait a couple of months ago. The Okuma PCH rod
performed great and is a steal at the price their sold at. Its
really light weight and I practically used it as a rail rod when
fighting this beast. Couldn't be happier with the rod. I caught
the fish using Sunline flourocarbon #50 line and an Owner 1/0
ringed mutu hook. Below is a picture of the fish which got me
jackpot honors for the trip. I also got my first wahoo ever
using a DTX minnow 220 Hot pink Mac that I got from your
store. I had it rigged just as you guys recommended with
multi-strand #175 wire 3 foot leader and it tracked flawlessly.
Oh and I got my personal best yellowtail too. My best trip
ever! Thanks for all the gear and tackle advice you've given
me over the years, just glad I finally got to put it to use.

Tight Lines,

Eric Ancog
Hello Mark and Sergey:

ESCA lights help me hook another nice Pacific Flattie out of
Depoe Bay Oregon, it was a scratch bite all day, by late
afternoon I still had not hooked a Halibut. So it was time to
change things up. I have had good luck with the ESCA lights
and hooking Halibut and Lings in the past, so I rigged up a
green pulsing ESCA and my luck started to change. I missed a
few bites, then I finally hooked into a nice fish. that weighed in
at 52 lbs (47 inches long). Which is well above average grade
up here in Oregon, in fact it was the big fish on the boat that
day. I also hooked a second fish with the same ESCA rig. I
handed that rod off to another guy since the Halibut limit is
one per day. The second fish was an average grade 38 inch
fish. I have attached some pictures of the fish and of the
rigging method I use. I hook three frozen squid onto the hook
and let the ESCA light dangle in the middle of the baits.

Thank you for providing such innovative and effective tackle and lures, you guys sell stuff that no one carries up here in Oregon.
I was fishing on the Tacklebuster out of Dockside Charters.
Tight Lines
Mark Kosmowski
Alonzo is a recent retiree who has now
discovered offshore fishing. With the support of
his wonderful wife he has expanded his personal
arsenal and is putting it good use. This 130 lb
bluefin was taken last week aboard the Pacific
Queen out of San Diego.
So this weekend was pretty good Bluefin fishing.
Any day the boat is hooking up with these fish is a good day to me. On the Pacific Queen we
ended up with 25 bluefin . We had 1 over 200lbs
and 1 or 2 over 100lbs. The rest were between 50
and 90 lbs or so for average. Most fish were
caught on flatfalls through out the whole day.
During the day the purple with black lines and
gold back side seemed to be the ticket. 100g and
130g seemed to be the size the fish liked and bit

Matt Perez
Attached is a photo of a 7 # Blue Trevally I
took on that Diawa Black Gold 2500 you sold
me. Also caught iit on a 4" big hammer
swimbait. Thanks for all you do.


Damian Baptiste
Birthday Bluefin!


Hi Sergey,

Just want you o thank you and all your staff for
setting me up last Black Friday with my VR50! I’ve
caught many great fish but I wanted to share this
one. I’m waiting for the next time you have a great
sale on these VR50 so I can buy another one at
Charkbait! Thanks again!


Hey Mark and Sergey,

Thanks for all the help over the years. I wanted to send you guys a picture of a nice bluefish I landed while striper fishing. That’s my HX Dorado in the background on an Ahi Assassin rod.

Thanks again and Tight Lines,
Hi Mark, Sergei

After a day of catching small yellowtail, bass and
bonito around the Coronado Islands, we stopped off
at the local kelp beds to release our remaining bait.
While I was doing so my son John (pictured),
dropped down his favorite lure - orange scampi on a
leadhead. Soon after he started yelling for me to net
our largest fish of the day. A monster calico bass to
break-in his new Charkbait Okuma Komodo reel. We
hope you can reopen Charkbait reel soon, and we can
all get back to fishing!

John Ferris Sr.
Hi Mark,
Well you asked. This was the first reel I purchased from you
guys and honestly the first time this reel was out on a trip.
We were fishing out at San Nicholas Island on the Eldorado
back in June of 2018 and I landed this 37 pound yellow tail on
an Avet MXL (first generation) with 30 pound topshot over 50
pound braid. Took a good 25 minutes to reel her in. Boy I wish I
would have had the new Raptor that I ordered from you guys
(that low gear would have been nice), instead we played
tug-O-war until she tired out.