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10/3/2023 – New Site Specials???

We've gone through some changes so this week's specials are a bit slow as I'm just getting used to using the new website platform. We've switched over to what should be a more seamless and smooth experience for everyone. With Intuit discontinuing Quickbooks Point of Sale (which we've used for 15 years) we've been forced to change our store system to something new and with that we decided to rebuild the website as well. This wasn't an easy endeavor but it will hopefully be worth it for everyone in the future.

Luckily customer order history and info has been saved so not only can you look up your previous orders via your email and order number but you no longer need a password to log in so no more "Forgot my Password" emails. Your account is now tied to your email and to log in you'll be emailed a code that you can enter on the site.

We've got some needed upgrades and many more in the works so expect lot of changes as the I fill in the site and polish it to something usable. I've even added live chat so if you've ever wanted to bug me at 2am chances are I'll be on. We'll have a sale once I can figure out how to make coupons after this update.

If you’ve got pictures of some of your catches with our gear feel free to send us some pictures either to me at or Mark at

If you have any suggestions, complaints, questions or comments about the website please feel free to email me at: or give me a call at the shop.

As always, thank you for visiting our Weekly Specials and hope to see you at the shop!

Sergey Smith