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United Composites RUSX GUSA Classic Spinning Rods

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Model: RUSX79 F

Old School Style with Advanced Technology Design

WOW! That’s going to be your first words after putting one of these new rods in your hands.  I’ll cut straight to the chase, these are the lightest and strongest rods you’ll ever fish.

Based upon GUSA/US Series blanks, four ply – twice Dual Helix build, these are incredibly strong rods. But, then Randy at UC did something unexpected. He made use of high grade cork for the butt, yep the handles are made from cork and that makes these rods super light and you’ll feel everything. You can feel a fish fart if that’s your inclination, they are absolutely amazing.  Okay, so what’s the weight?  Have a seat… The lightest rod in the series comes in under 9 ounces!!! The heaviest in the series weighs in at about 11 ounces!!!  We were flat out flabbergasted once we held one of these unique rods.  Making use of cork was a great idea, old school for sure, but so very appropriate to showcase the light weight of these all carbon fiber rods. Again, twice Dual Helix in the four ply builds – these are exceptionally strong, hard pulling rods.

Next, the cosmetics… Pictures never do justice to a rod, and these images don’t come close to showing off how attractive they are. You’ve never held such a light rod and you’ve never seen such a beautiful piece of rod building expertise. I’ve got to say, Randy at UC has an eye for the cosmetics and he pulled out all the stops. The metallic copper wraps, copper reel hood, the unique guide-set used with copper colored braid safe insert, finishing ring… simply beautiful rods. Oh, and did I mention their weight… OMG!

These rods are all 7 feet 9 inches in length. The US79XF and 79F are blanks that those familiar with GUSA will remember, like the 711’s they were very well thought of blanks. To add some heavier action rods to the mix the Mag, Mega, and Monster were also used in this well thought out series of rods.  If you are in the market for a light rod that’s incredibly strong, fishing anything from ~15# on up to 40 or so, you have found exactly what you were hoping!

  • 100% Longitudinally Oriented Graphite Blank
  • Dual Helix Core Design
  • AAA Cork Rear and Foregrips
  • Light Weight PacBay Reel Seat
  • ALPS S-6 MXN Guides with Gold Ceramic Inserts
  • Custom Wrap With Copper Inlays
Model Length Action Line Pc
RUSx79F 7'9" Fast 12-25 1
RUSx79XF 7'9" X-Fast 12-25 1
RUSx79 Mag 7'9" Fast 15-30 1
RUSx79 Mega 7'9" Mod-Fast 20-40 1
RUSx79 Monster 7'9" Mod-Fast 30-60 1
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