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Avet Reels

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Avet is a newer entrant into the sportfishing community, and since they arrived on the scene over 20 years ago they've well established themselves as an innovative and aggressive USA manufacturer of quality fishing reels for the offshore enthusiast. They are made by a California machining company, well funded, well designed, and made to fish! Avet shares a common heritage to Accurate, in terms of the founding firm's strengths in machining. Avet's primary business has been machining precise components for the medical and fiber optic field. The firm's owners, two brothers, are avid fishermen with their own boat (often parked in their plant when not running over to the channel islands). They've been making reels now for four years, and they've done a very good job. Each new series of reels from Avet has filled a real need, and done so uniquely in terms of their approach and the strength of their offering. The reels these folks are producing are of high quality, well machined, and they cast superbly. Their drags are well designed, long lived, and offer high settings while maintaining excellent freespool throughout their range of operation. In terms of price verses performance and quality, I think you'll agree with me that Avet's fishing reels are exceptionally good values.


The reels produced by Avet have already taken some impressive catches. They've taken marlin, big tuna, and a whole bunch of other fish from coast to coast, and internationally.

Avet co-owner Harry with 335lb yellowfin

The picture, and fish, above were taken in Panama May '03 by Avet's co-owner Harry. The yellowfin tuna weighed in at 335#, and was caught on an EX. The accomplishments of these jewels of machining are quite impressive. They're a proven product at this point. With literally hundreds of catches of 200# plus yellowfin tuna to attest to their reliability. And, they're one of the great values in reels, too! CharkBait is proud to be one of Avet's very first retailers, introducing this wonderful line to the fishing community and working closely with the manufacturer to ensure the product meets our client's expectations. We are also Avet's largest dealer. We buy them from the manufacturer directly in high quantities, allowing us the opportunity to offer them to our clients at a true value. We maintain a huge inventory of all the products we sell. Unlike some "phantom" sources for fishing gear on the Internet you can have confidence in your purchases from CharkBait. You can even visit with us in our shop or call and speak to a real live person! When we rig up a reel "long range style" we know what we're talking about and we rig things correctly. We were the very first on-line retailer of quality sportfishing gear, almost ten years ago. We have a physical presence, two retail stores, you can call us seven days a week, email us, ask us questions. We're all fishing enthusiasts here, so we're tuned in to what you like to do - fish! We're also proud to have earned a reputation as the most competitive source for quality gear. We stock more Avet reels than any other retailer or distributor of these products. We maintain more models, more colors, more gear options and more left hand retrieve reels than any dealer in America...or elsewhere.

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