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Nomad Design

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I first came across Nomad about 10 years ago while I was importing some large GT oriented poppers. They sent me one, nice lure, but really quite similar to what we were having produced. Time progressed and recently I heard from one of our East Coast clients about their lipped lures. A month or so passes and I heard from one of our long range clients who mentioned that they had the most productive lures on a recent Red Rooster III charter. The lures outfished all others on the boat that trip. Good angler, good feedback, I listened and tracked 'em down... Nomad Design is an Australian firm with roots in charter fishing (Nomad Sportfishing Adventures). The folks spend time on the water, and they knew what they were looking for in the lure department. From the time they sent me that one large popper until now, boy have things progressed nicely for Nomad. They developed their own products, tested in their waters, refined, and now are available here at CharkBait.

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