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Okuma Fishing

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Here's the deal, in July 2008 Tiburon Engineering and Okuma reached an agreement in which Okuma would produce Tib's SST reels, and Tiburon staff would design some saltwater worthy reels for Okuma. This provided Okuma with the expertise they've needed and Tiburon gained the benefit of Okuma's production resources. That's a serious win-win for both firms. Further, Okuma invested money in hiring a great team of guys who knew saltwater fishing. They upgraded their staff, and showed they were changing focus in favor of actually building high quality gear. Okuma has been a sleeping giant in sportfishing tackle. Heck, most of the CNC machines used by the better reel manufacturing firms are made by Okuma! They're huge, deep pockets, make most overseas firms look insignificant in terms of company capability and resources. With Tiburon's assistance, we're betting Okuma's time has finally come (in the world of saltwater sportfishing). We will only focus on the products we feel meet the needs of saltwater anglers, and meet the performance requirements for this most demanding sport. (note the above was written in 2008 - in 3 years Okuma proved we were right in our evaluation...) Okuma's service department deserves mention, because those guys did stand behind their older products. They did not run away from problems, they took steps to solve them. Take this philosophy, add to it improved designs, and we have the makings for a new powerful player in the saltwater fishing marketplace. Okuma now produces some reels that we like enough to recommend to our clients, without reservation. Hard to believe, but very true.

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