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Okuma Tesoro Saltwater Spinning Reels

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Size: TSR-8000HA

The new Tesoro spinning reels are a continuation of well priced reels with high end features coming from Okuma. I've had my 18000 since ICAST 2022 and have enjoyed it a lot when casting for yellowfin, bluefin and yellowtail. While it's overkill for 60-80lb yellowfin, the smaller sizes reflect the same quality and design and the larger sizes are plenty for a much bigger grade of fish. The main selling point I've noticed is the handle feel under load, with a dual ball bearing supported pinion you don't feel nearly as much tension in the handle. The spool shaft is titanium which is pretty remarkable considering it's a feature you don't see on reels until you get into the $500+ Van Staals, and it should wear better than other materials since it has a lower coefficient of friction. They've also improved the sealing of the reel body getting it up to an IPX7 certification. 

Unlike a lot of the reels it competes with it has a brass main and pinion gear which adds some durability and once well bedded should continue to stay smooth. It doesn't quite have the buttery smooth feel of a $600 Daiwa but for the price difference it is damn close. It has ridiculous drag numbers as with most spinning reels these days, but also features both top and bottom drag washers which improves smoothness and heat dissipation. It has a loud drag clicker which is really important for timing the fight.  

A small feature most people won't notice is the DLC coated line roller, it's one of if not the hardest finishes you can get on metal and has very low friction which makes a huge difference when line is running on it compared to conventional titanium nitride. I just hope to see the same coating applied to a spool rim in the future. The handle knobs are made with forged carbon fiber which feels nice and looks cool but not the main selling point, they're also a bit bigger than the ball knobs from the competitors which makes them that much more comfortable.

These are one of the few reels Okuma sells in the Japanese market and they've been a good alternative to the status quo, seeing success both with the jigging and casting market as saltwater fishing continues to grow while on the verge of overtaking the bass market in Japan.

  • IPX-7 full body waterproof design for ultimate protection
  • 12HPB + 1RB corrosion resistant stainless-steel bearings
  • Specialized titanium spool shaft reduced flex and weight
  • Dual anti-reverse for maximum strength and reliability
  • Oversized brass main gear and C-6191 brass pinion gear
  • Even Flow Line Roller system with DLC coating
  • Carbon fiber handle knob for comfort and weight reduction
  • Pinion gear: double supported with ball bearings
  • Rotor brake system works in conjunction with manual bail trip
  • Tesoro reels are backed by a 1-year limited warranty  
TSR-8000HA 40lb-350yd 50lb-300yd 3.0-380m 4.0-300m 5.0-240m 44.1″ 55-LBS 24.6oz 5.8:1 12 HPB + 1RB 440/12, 300/16, 245/20
TSR-10000HA 50lb-350yd 65lb-300yd
4.0-375m 5.0-305m 6.0-230m 47.6″ 55-LBS 25.2oz 5.8:1 12 HPB + 1RB 550/12, 375/16, 305/20
TSR-14000HA 65lb-350yd 80lb-290yd 6.0-295m 8.0-210m 10.0-160m 49.6″ 55-LBS 25.5oz 5.8:1 12 HPB + 1RB 710/12, 480/16, 395/20
TSR-18000PA 65lb-450yd 80lb-350yd
5.0-555m 6.0-420m 8.0-295m 41.7″ 55-LBS 32.7oz 4.4:1 12 HPB + 1RB 560/20, 445/25, 320/30
TSR-20000PA 80lb-440yd 100lb-330yd 5.0-665m 6.0-500m 8.0-335m 43.7″ 55-LBS 32.7oz 4.4:1 12 HPB + 1RB 670/20, 530/25, 390/30
HPB - High Performance Ball Bearings, significantly more resistant to corrision than typical stainless steel bearings RB - Roller Bearing for anti-reverse
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