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Okuma Hawaiian Custom Popping Rods

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Size: HWP-S-832MH
  • Split butt design to reduce weight and improve balance
  • Features Fuji K-Series Alconite Insert Stainless Tangle Free Guides
  • Specialized TPE foam material on fore and rear grip for durability
  • All rods feature a 3K metal woven material for custom look
  • 1-year warranty on all Hawaiian Custom rods

Just a little background, we owe our inclusion of this series of rods to a client of ours from Washington state. Very good angler, fishes all over the world, knows what works well with experience well beyond my scope. Rick B. spent some time yacking with me over the phone while I was working at the shop on a couple Sunday mornings. While I can be myopic with my thinking, Rick helped point me towards this new series of popping rods. Brought ’em in and we liked ’em a lot. The popping rod’s blank into handle design provide folks with a long rod alternative which travels like a 5 footer. Checking actions, components, well, we had to bring in the rest of the lineup of the Hawaiian Jigging and Popping rods. Excellent sticks, very good values, well worth owning. And, if Rick says it’s good, trust me, he’s right, and he’s taking one along with him for GT fishing…

The Okuma Hawaiian Custom Series rods are the latest addition to regional specific rods designed and built by local fisherman for the species and territory they are targeting. Utilizing the latest in technology, these rods were built for the extreme conditions put forth by the Hawaiian shore-based fisherman.

In this updated version of the very popular original Okuma Hawaiian Rods, they strive to meet even truer actions that Hawaiian anglers are craving. Having worked with local fisherman from various islands, these rods should meet the demands and specifications that are needed.

The components on the Hawaiian Custom Series rods are all top notch. The spinning models all utilize Fuji K-Series tangle free guides with Alconite inserts for the use of braided or monofilament lines and feature a split butt design for reduced weight and improved balance.

That’s the manufacturer’s take on these two popping rods. Both are made to be fished with spinning reels, two models 30-60 and 50-100 lb. I’d suggest the lighter rod as a very good match with 40-50# line, the MHA heavy model rod with 60-80# at appropriate drag setting. This is a traditional blank into handle two piece design. You won’t need to worry about a failure, this type of connection between the two pieces makes for a VERY strong rod. There’s more material in the area where the two pieces meet, so strength is a given. Typical Okuma warranty, meaning no worries. Good quality components, all Fuji, excellent bend on a very nice blank. These are very useful rods for a lot of folks, 8’3″ for good casting distance, with a secure two piece design which allows the rod to travel at a 5′ length.

HWP-S-832MHA 6-1/2″ 30-65 LBS 30-160 GR 6+TIP 18″ 8′ 3″ MH 2-PCS 13.5oz
HWP-S-832HA 5-1/2″ 50-100 LBS 90-200 GR 6+TIP 18″ 8′ 3″ H 2-PCS 14.4oz
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