Avet HXJ & HX 5/2 MC Clearance Reels

  • Precision machined 6061 T-6 marine grade aluminum and stainless steel components.
  • Anodized for superior corrosion resistance and beautiful finish.
  • True one piece frame for the ultimate in strength vs. weight.
  • Precision machined stainless steel gears.
  • Patented SILENT dog and gear anti-reverse system, the most reliable in the industry.
  • Reliable Avedrag dry carbon fiber drags for superior stopping power, smoothness, and wear resistance.
  • Up to 22 lbs. of drag at strike, 28 lbs. full
  • 8 related stainless steel ball bearings.
  • Proudly made in USA.

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Here’s another excellent reel from Avet, one that they’ve been planning for well over a year’s time. For many Alaska bound fishermen it’s a very worthwhile piece. The single speed HX is your basic 4/0 Narrow – updated. The new HX will turn 22#’s at strike and 28#’s of drag at the full position of the lever. The gear ratio is a very useful 4.2:1, and the weight is 25 ounces. Spooled with 50# line, you’ll get 285 yards of line capacity. Alternatively, with 80# Spectra you’ll have a good 300 yards plus room for a modest topshot. In a way, you might think that the firm that created the small two-speed reel market was going backwards, but that’s not the case. Two speeds are great, but for some fishermen it’s beyond the finances and also beyond that which is needed to get the job done. For a fellow bottom fishing, or targeting larger size halibut in Alaskan or Pacific Northwest waters, this could be exactly what you’re looking for. a good strong reel at a very fair price.

Avet’s done it again, set the bar a bit higher for other manufacturers and created a must-have reel for serious anglers. The new HX or Hoo-X as we affectionately call ’em is one of the more versatile reels you’ll come across. It’s a compact true 4/0 size similar to a Penn Baja Special, but a bit lighter in weight. Like all Avet reels, it’s a lever drag that spins and casts superbly. Six rubber shielded ball bearings that will put up with abuse, huge carbon fiber drag, ergonomic handle… Actually, this reel features 8 ball bearings in total! It’s rather tall, so you’ll bring in a good amount of line per crank, and the gearing is very well thought out. They are geared at 5.4:1 and 2.4:1 on the narrow J model and 1.9 for the low gear on the standard and wide version of the HX. You’ve got speed for attracting a bite from a wahoo, but great cranking power for dealing with tuna and even marlin. They’ll be great sailfish reels, too. The stylish lugs can also be reversed (lugs/plugs) for situations when having an attachment point is unimportant. You do have options. This is another Avet reel that really has no equal, and fills so many applications that it really will become a must have piece. Let’s talk a bit about the drag. Avet claims they’ll do 20#’s of drag measured at strike, and still offer GREAT freespool performance for casting. We’ve tested them, they perform as stated. The reels will most commonly be used for fishing 50-60# lines. This has been a much hyped and talked about reel on all the message boards over the past few months, and now it’s a reality.

Extended use report…since I bought one too, the HX is one of the most versatile big game reels made today. It will take wahoo, larger grade tuna, marlin, pretty much anything that it’s line capacity allows. The drag is there, casting performance is very good, and it’s not too big to handle comfortably. Like the JX, the HX begs to be used, and it will be used often by any fisherman lucky enough to own one.

Avet makes the HX in three configurations, all based upon the same reel.

HXJ 5/2 25 4.2:1 300yds/80lb H – 47″ – L – 21″ 30-60lb Strike: 22 Full: 28
HXJ 5/2 MC 25 H – 5.4:1- L – 2.4:1 300yds/80lb H – 47″ – L – 21″ 30-60lb Strike: 22 Full: 28
HX 4.2 24 4.2:1 500yds/80lb 37” 30-60lb Strike: 22 Full: 28
HX 5/2 26 H – 5.4:1- L – 2.4:1 500yds/80lb H – 47″ – L – 21″ 30-60lb Strike: 22 Full: 28
HX 5/2 MC 26 H – 5.4:1- L – 2.4:1 500yds/80lb H – 47″ – L – 21″ 30-60lb Strike: 22 Full: 28
HXW 4.2 25 4.2:1 500yds/100lb 37” 30-60lb Strike: 22 Full: 28
HXW 5/2 27 H – 5.4:1- L – 2.4:1 500yds/100lb H – 47″ – L – 21″ 30-60lb Strike: 22 Full: 28


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