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Z-Bar Surface Iron Jigs

by Z-Bar
Original price $23.99 - Original price $26.99
Original price
$23.99 - $26.99
Current price $23.99
5+ in stock, ready to be shipped
5+ in stock, ready to be shipped
Color: Raw Aluminum
  • Unique CNC machined aluminum surface irons
  • Offset hips for a wider kick
  • Every jig guaranteed to swim perfectly
  • Available in Mint, White, Bare, Gold & Black patterns
  • Best surface irons on the market now at a lower cost than ever
  • 3.45 oz weight, 6.5 inches long

Originally the fellow making the jigs did so for his own use, and to give a few friends. While on a trip he met another guy who expressed interest in getting involved marketing the lures. The originator, who trade-named the ZBar name and invented and refined the lure, allowed the other fellow to begin offering the lures to a few tackle shops in San Diego. Word spread quickly as to their effectiveness. There was a falling out between the manufacturer and the fellow marketing the jigs. From my understanding, the guy marketing the product went to another machinist to have the jigs made at a lower cost. Not nice. The manufacturer of ZBar severed relations, told the marketer to quit using his trade name (thus the name OCT-10 on the copied lures). I never like this sort of stuff, but unfortunately we see it more often than we should – remember Raider Jigs from Australia… Well, the original manufacturer, the fellow who invented and produced the jigs got hold of me a couple years ago to tell me to quit using the Z-Bar name, which I did, and he told me the tale of what occurred. Didn’t sit well with me, and I inquired about maintaining the product here at CharkBait. The originator, who has a business to run, focused on that rather than the jigs he had made which were in his inventory. Time went by… I reached out to him again and we struck an agreement. We would purchase the original lures and offer them to our clients. By doing so we eliminate one step in the distribution chain. We buy directly from the manufacturer rather than thru a distributor so the price is indeed better, and we have the real deal, the original Z-Bar!!!

Unique jigs, all CNC made, all made to swim perfectly – guaranteed by the manufacturer. Again, these are CNC made, each is exactly the same so they really should all swim well. That’s really key to iron, not all are the same, not all swim as well as expected. That’s a function of manufacture. As one would expect, a sand cast jig will vary more than something CNC’d. Unlike some jigs, Tady for instance, the Z-Bars are entirely made here in the USA. A good deal of time went into their design, and it shows. I want you to look at the images closely. Note the way the jigs are ground for their rings, also the nose and the hips. You will note one sharp side, one softer and the hips are not even. This stuff is not done for fun, the jigs are made to swim perfectly and what they’ve done in design ensures that they have a great kick. These are almost like tossing a Tady C – anyone can fish ’em, easy to make ’em swim on the surface, surefire swimmers, each and every one of them. But, they gain the mass of a 45 for longer casts and better kick. Weight of the jigs is 3.45 oz, 98 grams, rigged with heavy duty hooks and solid rings, easy casters for distance.Good luck finding these jigs let alone finding ’em for a better price. And,given our direct relationship with the manufacturer our supply should keep these lures more consistently available to our clients.

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