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Yamaga Blanks SeaWalk Cast Jigging Swim & Skip Rods

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Model: SS 71ML
SS-71ML 7'1" ~ 223cm 2 PE1.5 ~ 15lb 40g Overhead Cast 60g Max
4.09oz ~ 116g 87.9% Fuji DPS17 8+Tip Fuji SiC
SS-73M 7'3" ~ 217cm 2 PE2.0 ~ 20lb 60g Overhead Cast 80g Max
4.16oz ~ 118g 87.9% Fuji DPS 8+Tip Fuji SiC

This is a series with the ultimate in performance for efficiently exploring a wide area by casting metal jigs, plugs, jig heads, etc., and we have prepared two models with different power classes: 71ML and 73M.
By adapting to the high-speed winding style of bladed metal jigs and making adjustments to allow the use of a variety of lures, we have created a series that allows you to enjoy targeting a variety of fish species in a wide range of water depths, regardless of the season.
The common features of the two models are long casting performance with over and under casts and stable reeling performance, and the rod design is easy to handle regardless of the size of the boat, from kayaks to pleasure boats and recreational fishing boats.
71ML is a casting model that emphasizes smooth reeling and stable reeling from low to high speeds, while 73M is a casting model that emphasizes action and requires good reeling.
This is a series that aims to catch a wide range of fish species by making full use of the line invitation "swim" (just winding) and the vertical invitation "skip" (lift and fall, wind, etc.), and is easy to use. The main concept is to enjoy a boat game that is both fun and deep.
Furthermore, by combining this cast jigging model with a light jigging model that aims directly under the boat or a tie rubber model, the possibilities for inshore boat games will greatly expand and you will be able to create a new light jigging style with no blind spots.

SeaWalk Cast Jigging SS 71ML

The delicate tip and belly section suppress jig wobbling and flapping even during high-speed reeling, and it is a model that improves the basic performance of cast jigging, achieving stable reeling comfort and smooth hooking.
It is easy to cast long distances whether over or under, and the bat power that can handle unexpected big fish does not choose the target fish even though it is an ML class. Mainly areas from shallow areas to depths of around 20m, and can cover water depths of up to around 40m. While capturing many fish species with blade jigs, metal vibes, and ink fish, we also recommend targeting flounder and flatfish using a jig head + worm in sandy areas, taking advantage of the high winding sensitivity.

yamaga blanks seawalk cast jigging rod model ss 71ml

SeaWalk Cast Jigging SS 73M

73M has higher tension throughout the blank than 71ML, and is a model that is designed for wide range and deep field use using metal jigs up to 80g.
It is easy to cast heavy weight lures long distances with light force even under the ground, and is good at attracting action-oriented lures using not only metal jigs but also heavy weight minnows, sinking pencils, and jerk baits.
Recommended for shooting migratory fish, as well as targeting rockfish in rocky reef zones with a heavy weight jig head + worm wind, lift and fall, etc.

yamaga blanks seawalk cast jigging rod model ss 73m
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