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Yamaga Blanks Blue Sniper Boat Casting Rods

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Model: 82/4
SKU BlueSniper 82/4

Yamaga Blanks is the more value oriented brand made in the same factory as Ripple Fisher, utilizing the same technologies and expertise with less frill and features. These are great rods for lure casting, they’re all very light and strong while giving you a broad range of lures you can work with. They work for stickbaits and poppers without the extra recoil making them very comfortable for tuna and yellowtail fishing. Just like the Ripple Fisher rods they come with a 2 year warranty which is something that is not offered in Japan.

If you’re looking for a rod to step up your SoCal topwater lure game I would look no further, these rods will work perfectly for the biggest yellowtail and the heavier models will work for boiling bluefin. If you haven’t tried this style then I would highly recommend it, the guys in the Gulf and East Coast have been spoiled by some of the best topwater fishing and there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy the same.

  • General purpose lure casting rods
  • 2 piece blanks
  • Free US Shipping
  • 2 Year International Warranty
  • Made in Japan

Blue Sniper 82/4

A standard model aiming for yellowtail and amberjack with well-balanced long throw performance, lure operability, and power” Model with improved tip entry and more automatic lure operation. Also, when fighting, you can smoothly and speedily attract fish by accumulating the rod. Following the 79/3, it is a standard rod that can be used for amberjack and yellowtail.

Blue Sniper 82/6

Fusion of good water-related action performance and power to forcibly stop running fish” It is the strongest spec in the series that does not yield to super large amberjack. The design from the tip to the belly has been reviewed so that not only lift power but also actions that require delicate water entanglement such as diving pencil can be performed without difficulty. While performing a technical invitation, it is finished in a rod that can float speedily without giving the initiative to the fish during the fight.

Blue Sniper 85/4 Canary

A cast & lure operability-oriented model that captures the small bait pattern of yellowfin tuna and amberjack” It is also a light class of the tuna model “Blacky”, and as the name “Canary” suggests, it has canary skin. It is a multi-model targeting tuna species such as “Yellowfin tuna” to “Yellowfin tuna”. Its casting power made it possible to obtain a sufficient casting distance even with a lure of less than 30g, while hitting an amazing casting distance of around 100m (PE4 / lure of about 70g) during the test. Also, even in situations where the cast angle is limited or the space is limited, such as on a large boarding ship, the main aim is to achieve a flight distance close to a full cast, accurately shoot a distant nabla, and float the fish in a short time. By designing a tough butt, you can stop running without giving in to opponents such as amberjack that run on the roots. Although it is one that can be used for a wide range of lure specifications and target fish species, it has been finished as a one that does not compromise at all.

Blue Sniper 81/6 Blacky (Tuna Model)

A light tuna model that combines light operability and blank power that floats quickly by bending” A PE6 class light tuna model that can cast lures that match the size of a small bait. While it is possible to cast a small lure of 30g, which is effective for small bait patterns, it also has the power to handle tuna of about 50kg. Although it is a light model, it is one that boasts high fighting power. Since it adopts a design that “bends and withstands” with less burden on anglers, it can also handle sudden entry into the feet of tuna.

Blue Sniper 81/8 Blacky (Tuna Model)

As a PE8 class tuna model, it is an almighty model that excels in both casting and fighting. A versatile tuna rod that can handle medium-sized plugs of about 120g in pattern. The flexible berry that can hold the rod upright is not just a soft rod, but also has the lifting power to float the tuna. In addition, the 4-axis carbon built into the butt supports the angler’s lift force, and it absorbs not only tuna but also large amberjack’s sudden thrusts, making it a fishing rod that never gives up the initiative.

Blue Sniper 81/10 Blacky (Tuna Model)

A highly mobile power model that combines a tenacious butt and excellent castability of large lures. 10 power class heavy tuna model. Recommended for anglers who aim for tuna that has grown to 100kg class with extraordinary specs that swallows large bait such as dolphin. Since the overall power is higher than the 81/8, it is easy to use for luring out amberjack and tuna using a large lure of around 130g. In addition, although it is designed to withstand bending, the resilience from twisting of the 4-axis carbon of the bat brings a great advantage in endurance battles with large tuna and large amberjack.

Model Length Pieces Lure Line Max Drag Weight
Blue Sniper 82/4 8’2” 2 30-120g PE 4-5 ~ 40-50lb 8kg/17lb 310g ~ 10.9oz
Blue Sniper 82/6 8’2” 2 50-130g PE 5-6 ~ 50-60lb 12kg/26lb 346g ~ 12.2oz
Blue Sniper 85/4 Canary 8’5” 2 25-100g PE 3-5 ~ 30-50lb 8kg/17lb 339g ~ 12.0oz
Blue Sniper 81/6 Blacky 8’1” 2 30-110g PE 4-6 ~ 40-60lb 13kg/28lb 378g ~ 13.3oz
Blue Sniper 81/8 Blacky 8’1” 2 45-120g PE 6-8 ~ 60-80lb 15kg/33lb 387g ~ 13.7oz
Blue Sniper 81/10 Blacky 8’1” 2 50-130g PE 8-10 ~ 80-100lb 17kg/37lb 399g ~ 14.1oz
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