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United Composites RCX Stand Up Rods

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Model: RCX55 XH
Grip: Slick Butt

In the same family as UC’s Rail Rods, the Challenger Extreme boat rods offer superior Dual Helix technology blanks to ensure the highest strength and greatest durability. Equipped with a hypalon forgrip, slickbutt rear grip and gimbal, these rods will get a lot of use by any private boater. The rods feature a stunning black base wrap with red and silver detail securing the ALPS S-6 Deep Pressed frame ring guides. The mid-range Type II rods feature American Tackle rollers (offering more clearance than other commonly used rollers – more range of use given knot diameter, wind-ons, etc). Rods are available in the standard black finish or by special order white finish. The standup boat rods feature ring guides, the RCE trolling rods are also built upon the same Dual Helix composite blanks, but feature an all aluminum ALPS UniButt and rollers.

Wrap colors are as pictured left. First production was done in metalic blue, but that’s not the plan going forward. There are three groups of rods in this series, all geared to the needs of private boaters. The first are boat rods, heavy duty ring guides with slick butts (again note that the wrap color is as pictured left rather than the blue shown below). The next group of rods make use of ALPS roller guides and uni-butts (straight or curved). The last group of rods make use of the same butt options, straight or curved, and AFTCO Wind-On guides. Those rollers are LARGE, can handle the largest knots and lines without issues.

Challenger Extreme series rods are based upon the CP designs. These beefy sticks make use of 7 to 9 patterns in their build – like the CP’s they make use of three types of carbon fiber as well as the longitudinally oriented fiberglass.

  • Dual Helix Composite Blank
  • Hypalon Fore-grip
  • Aluminum Reel Seat
  • Slickbutt Rear Grip
  • Black on black with red, blue and silver trim
  • ALPS S-6 SS Deep Pressed Frame Ring Guides
Model Length Action Line Pc
RCX55XH-C 5'6" Mod-Fast 40-80 1
RCX55XXH-C 5'6" Fast 50-100 1
RCX60XH-C 6'0" Mod-Fast 40-80 1
RCX60XXH-C 6'0" Mod-Fast 50-100 1
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