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Toro Tamer Super Braid Adhesive

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In the past ALL products used as an adhesive for mono/spectra connections have been two part formulas costing about $25. Two bottles, EXTENDED drying time, hassles...  We learned of another product that was a one part formula, NO ACTIVATORS REQUIRED. The new product is FAST DRYING. The Toro Tamer Adhesive is also thin, for better penetration through the line. Further, the new product allows some flex without cracking and flaking-off. This is a major long term benefit. In all ways: IT'S BETTER, EASIER TO WORK WITH, AND IT'S A BETTER VALUE! This is not your basic "super-glue," it's a unique new product that will work well in water and retain some flexibility when used as directed. For best long term storage please keep in the refrigerator or freezer.
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