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Toro Tamer Compact Spring Drag Scales

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$24.99 - $29.99
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5+ in stock, ready to be shipped
Size: 25lb
  • Available in 25lb & 50lb
  • Fits in a small tray
  • Line test & drag rating indicators

Having a drag scale is a must when using any kind of saltwater reels, especially when fishing heavier lines. Being able to set your drag to ensure you’re not breaking off or leaving performance on the table is a big advantage. For most people the right formula for setting their drag would be 33% of the lightest line on the reel, so if you’re fishing 100lb you’ll want to be fishing around 33lbs of drag but for a bit more give you can drop it down to 25% or if you want more pulling power you can go higher at your own risk.

The compact drag scale is portable and a perfect add-on for any of your fishing trips. It comes packed in a small plastic tray and folds down to fit in nearly any pocket on most tackle bags. These are available in 25lb and 50lb variants so you can pick one based on your own use case, if you fish 80lb or below most of the time the 25lb is plenty. Along with the drag rating in pounds the scale has a legend for line test at a 33% drag setting which ensures you don’t have to do your own calculations.

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