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Toro Tamer Split Ring Pliers

Original price $19.99 - Original price $19.99
Original price
$19.99 - $19.99
Current price $19.99
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  • Integrated line cutter
  • Rounded cutout to hold split ring
  • Rubber handle grips
  • Works with #5 – #11+ split rings

These are also an upgrade product compared to most that are on the market. They are quite functional with heavy rings but don’t come with the $80 price. No lanyard, no sheath, just a very functional pair of split ring pliers that are capable of dealing with 300 lb split rings all day long. These stainless steel pliers are titanium coated for rust prevention. They offer a treated cutting edge, capable of cutting thru braid easily. They offer a soft spring loaded handle and lock guard.