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Toro Tamer Multicolor Solid Serving Braid 100M

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In Stock or Pre Orders Allowed
Size: 20lb

We offer 25 meter spools of 16 strand spliceable braid for making your wind-ons, and 100 meter spools of 4 strand serving braid in 20 and 30 lb test – both great for serving connections and for your nail knots. The new Color Code 16 strand hollow braid is easy to use for inline rigging and having colored versions of the line allows for easy leader test identification. The new 100 meter serving spools offer four colors, 10 meters per color change, and is intended to assist anglers identifying the test of the leader. The 4 strand is also great for making your nail knots and nub knot connections.  Additionally we offer 30 and 40 lb 8 strand hollow for use in serving. The 8 strand is thinner in diameter, makes a bit more compact serve with more wraps. For most applications the 4 strand is adequate, but the 8 strand will produce tighter wraps with more of them per inch – a bit less bulky on the serve.

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