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Toro Tamer 4 Strand Solid Braid 300M

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Size: 20lb
Color: Green

Toro Tamer SUPER BRAID is made from Gel Spun Polyethylene fibers. They offer both hollow and “solid” types of line, “solid” form, means it does not have a hollow core. For “solid” lines you’ll use a knot for your connection of leader to braid, with hollow core you can take advantage of in-line knotless rigging. ToroTamer  offers 20, 30, 50 and 60lb. test lines in 4 strands, and offers 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100 lb lines in a smoother 8 strand form. Diameters on the 8 strand are a bit skinnier, and the line is less coarse on your fingers and  guides. We should note, most manufacturers lines at 60# and down are 3 or 4 strands. 8 strand line is more expensive, but offers some benefits to anglers in terms of feel, fiber quality, and diameter. For those looking for a “kelp cutter” rig the 4 strand is preferred.  Toro produces the line in uncolored white, coffee brown for inshore fishing, dark green and 4 color line for deep water jigging (blue, red, green & yellow). The 4 color depth finder line changes color every 10 meters (33 feet), so when you see a color repeat you know you’ve dropped 40 meters (~130 feet). It’s our feeling that this is an appropriate way to mark the depth for realistic use. There are a few firms with depth finding lines, some with useless markings such as one firm which uses 10 colors changing every 10 yards…darn hard to keep track of when you are doing deeper drops. A 10 meter changing point makes a lot more sense we’ll suggest. Toro also produces several hollow core lines, these are listed on this page, as well. Toro’s 8 strand is available in white, dark green and also blue for select tests.

At ICAST 2016 Toro introduced new 4 and 8 strand lines in deep dark green, and added 8 strand in offshore blue. The four strand is an economical long lasting line. The eight strand provides a smoother, rounder line which offers enhanced casting properties, is nicer on the fingers and guides. The four strand is a bit more coarse, great for a “kelp cutter rig” while the eight strand is exceptionally smooth. Toro’s coloring process is different from the norm, you’ll find that the color holds up better/longer than competing lines.

4 Strand Lines
20 4 Strand PE Braid 0.234mm dark green, white, 4 color
30 4 Strand PE Braid 0.286mm white, green and 4 color
50 4 Strand PE Braid 0.405mm white, green and 4 color
60 4 Strand PE Braid 0.437mm white, green and 4 color
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