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SOL Blue Water SPF 36 Sunscreen

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5+ in stock, ready to be shipped
Size: 1.5oz Caribiner
This a a bit outside the norm for our fishing related offerings, but it is something important to anyone spending a lot of time on the water. Sunscreen is a necessary thing. I’ve had my bouts with the vet, cutting-out and burning-off skin cancers. Spend enough time outdoors and you’ll also have your doc-time. At the ICAST show in July ’07 I came across a new type of sunscreen that’s designed for our use. This is no BS line, repackaging the same old stuff isn’t what Sol’s Bluewater product is about. The stuff works very well (SPF36), it stays on LONGER, it DOESN’T BURN YOUR EYES (even when directly applied to your eyelid! – I’ve been doing that at the shop to demonstrate to clients…) and it’s easy to use. In the past few years I’ve been pretty religious about wearing sunscreen. Unfortunately as soon as I begin to sweat, the sunscreen moves from my forehead into my eyes and they burn, water, and I’m fish’n by feel instead of sight. This Sol stuff really works, does not burn your eyes and stay’s put! It’s the best product of it’s type I’ve ever used. It’s not Coppertone or Banana Boat, it’s a unique product made for what we do.
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