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SEI X-Wrench Reel Clamp Tool

by SEI
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Best Tool of it’s type ever produced, it really is a must have item guys. Here’s the deal, the owner of SEI is a dedicated long range fisherman, with some machining background, has an overseas factory working with him in his primary business, and is always looking for things to make his trips on the water better. He’s a tinkerer. First product he came up with was the SEI bracket, a trigger grip version of the Cork Puppy. That’s a nice product, this one’s even better, and there are a couple other new ones in the final stages of manufacture we’ll be showing off very soon. Back to the tool…

Going fishing means, getting your gear organized, tackle, rods, reels, etc. And, of course you’ve got to put your reels on the rods, and after the trip is over take the gear down again. On the LR boats we do this on the last day usually, and with 6-8 rigs to take apart and clean up there’s some time involved. Having the right tool for a job is key in any work we do, and in the case of the X-Wrench you’ve got the right tool right in the palm of your hand – all the tools, all sizes, all the sockets you’ll need plus screwdriver bits and the darn elevator type key that you need for Avet and a few other reels too. This tool has ’em all, plus a socket adaptor, bottle opener twist and cap popper, magnetic receiver for standard bits…. Darn thing is very well thought out.

#1 and #2 Phillips Drivers
#1 and #2 Barrel Nut Adapter
3/8″ and 1/4″ Common Driver
1/4″ Standard Bit Adaptor
Sockets for loosening and tightening your reel clamp’s nuts: 13mm & 1/2″, 3/8″, 7/16″ & 10mm

The thing has all the tools you’ll probably need, other than a crimper and pair of pliers or dikes (diagonal cutter). The tool is not cheap, but when you consider all it accomplishes, the time it can save you over the years, it’s a stinking bargain in my estimation. I took one along with my on our RRIII 8 day charter this season, really impressed me with how well thought out it was, how well everything fit together and they now come in a very nice box to help you keep things organized.  $29.99, and worth every penny in my estimation.

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