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SEI Trigger Reel Clamp

by SEI
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Here’s an update of an old favorite, combined with another idea, and together they may be just what you’ve been looking for. Mounting a reel on a deckhand rod, being able to position the reel anywhere you’d like is a great thing for distance casting. The downside is that a fairly narrow reel clamp may allow for some twisting on the rod or some damaging pressure on the cork-tape. The Cork Puppy solved that problem, similarly to Accurate’s after market long brace, providing a more secure mounting on your favorite deckhand rod. The new Trigger Clamp being introduced this week takes that to another level with the addition of a trigger which provides even more control during a cast or when you’re waiting on a bite. Now, I’ll say the product is not perfect, and it may require some fiddling on your part to make it a perfect match to your rod. For some reels, such as the smaller size Accurate reels, it just won’t work since there’s not enough clearance from the gear case. For some others you may need shorter or longer bolts, that’s something to be expected given differences in rod diameter. You may need to use a washer (stainless steel of course) to deal with bolt length or a narrow nut for the reel’s bolts. But, for most reels it’s a pretty easy fit. That’s a downside of making a “universal” product that will work with the majority of reels straight out of the box using their own hardware. With a bit of fiddling this product will work with the vast majority of reels on the market, and for many it will work straight out of the box. Those are my caveats to buyers, and on the positive side we finally have a trigger grip for deckhand rods, and a more secure method of mounting reels on deckhand rods. The positives far outweigh any fiddling which MAY be required to ensure a perfect fit.

There are no accessories packaged with the Trigger Clamp, what you see is what you get. Unlike the Cork Puppy, there’s only one size to the new Trigger. It is a 29mm size, so again it’s going to fit the vast majority of deckhand rods with the exception of the really fat ones like an Ulua. It’s priced right, at $20, a bit under it’s more refined alternative, and it’s got a TRIGGER! So, a bit of fiddling has a payoff given what it offers folks looking for both security and comfort.

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