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Sato Line Winder

by Sato
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  • Great budget friendly line winder with all the features you need
  • Accommodates almost all conventional reels
  • Powered by a 1/2″ or 3/8″ Drill (Not Included)
  • Foot pedal for better control
  • Comes with pre-drilled base

The Sato winder is a less expensive option that also has a lot going for it in terms of flexibility. Instead of putting dollars into a motor and housing, the Sato winder makes use of a 1/2 drill to power through winding chores. With a decent 1/2″ drill there’s great torque, so you can deal with spooling Spectra effectively. The smaller 3/8 can work for mono, but NOT spectra. You can pick up a 1/2″ drill for about $70 (or more), so factor that into the cost of this winder. This is the least expensive winder available with the power to deal with heavy spectra winding which requires much torque to spool properly – meaning tightly – so it won’t dig into itself.M/p>

The line winder does not use a brake, you control the packing of line by adding resistance yourself. At the shop here, we rarely use a brake anyway, preferring to use a gloved hand to get a better feel for the pressure being exerted. I’d recommend the same for you. You’ll also need to level the line as you put it on the reel. The only winder with a built in leveler is the big Triangle HD which runs you about $2K (for comparison). The Sato winder comes with a peddle control that allows you to vary the speed of spooling (making use of the variable speed drill’s motor).

The Sato winder is a good system, and economical when compared to other options with similar capability. In reality, to get a winder capable of dealing with 135# Spectra you are usually looking for something between $1.2-2K. And, the Sato system has some unique advantages even comparing to the $2K products. For a long range fisherman or a private boater, it’s a darn good option.


  • Drill Motor Bracket
  • Bulk Spool Holder Bracket
  • Variable Speed Foot Switch
  • Adjustable Reel Seat Assembly
  • All-thread assembly for empty spool
  • All nuts, bolts, and washers for assembly
  • 2-driver chuck keys for various sized reel handles
  • Finished, pre-drilled support platform with rubber feet
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