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Salt Away Cleaning Spray

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Salt-Away has been around for quite a few years, and I’ve used it religiously on my own boats and reels. The product is the best of it’s type on the market, with testimonials and scientific back-up to prove the point. It’s the best in the business for salt reduction and removal.

There are three basic methods of removing salt with Salt-Away:
1. Immersion
2. Pressure from spray bottles, compression pump sprayers, garden or other hoses, pressure washers. Diluting Salt-Away is necessary either by pre-mixing or by delivering it from a device that is set to the correct dilution ration while attached to a water hose.
3. Wet vacuuming

How do fishermen and boaters use Salt-Away, the basic how-to’s of it all…
1. Reel bath – use a diluted solution of Salt-Away in a bucket and dunk your reel if it’s been exposed to a lot of salt or been immersed in saltwater. Crank up the drag (lever or star) when dunking, back off to allow the reel to dry. In some cases it’s not a bad idea to crank the handle a few turns to loosen intruded salt deposits.
2. Spray down – if the salt exposure is minimal use a diluted spray to dissolve the salt particles and then wipe ’em off the reel.
3. Boaters should flush their outboards after saltwater use. The proof is graphic and demonstrable, if you flush your motor after saltwater use, it WILL LAST LONGER.

Salt-Away must be diluted. The Salt-Away solution immediately dissolves any soluble contaminant. Runoff is required to remove the salt. As runoff begins, ingredients in the product will not allow the soluble contaminants in their dissolved state to attach to the surface, and a sheeting effect is created allowing the runoff to carry the contaminants all the way off the equipment. In areas that stay wet longer and are primarily inaccessible or where salt is trapped, the corrosion inhibitors in the product will keep equipment from rusting and corroding from the inside-out.

Immersing items in a bath of Salt-Away solution is accomplished by dipping the item into the solution until completely covered by the liquid, and removing it and allowing the liquid to run off the surfaces due to gravity. This is a common method for cleaning reels – the old dump ’em in a bucket routine used on many long range boats on the way back home. Doing this in plain old water does not really get the job done, as many guys have found. But, this method when used with a diluted solution of Salt-Away does work, and work well. The recommended dilution ratios for an immersion solution with fresh water can range from 5% to 20% by volume. A richer solution greater than 20% by volume is not recommended. Rinsing the item with fresh water after the immersion process is optional.

Application by pressure methods: There are 2 conditions necessary for Salt-Away to remove salt:
(1) the pressure of the water source must be consistent and great enough to cause runoff and…
(2) complete and thorough runoff of the solution to the exit areas of the surface must occur. Except for salt build-up areas, results are immediate. If these conditions do not exist, the Salt-Away solution will dissolve the salt, but the salt will remain on the surface.

Vertical Surfaces: Upon reaching the surface to be treated, the Salt-Away solution immediately dissolves any soluble contaminant. If the pressure is not strong enough to cause complete runoff, the solution will dissolve the soluble contaminants, the runoff will begin, then slow to a drizzle, and eventually stop before reaching the removal area. If this situation occurs, the salt is not fully removed.

Horizontal Surface: The method for removal is more difficult, but can be accomplished by “pushing” the dissolved contaminants with the pressurized spray or stream of the Salt-Away solution until they are pushed off the surface.

Salt crystals are a mineral of the earth and can not be destroyed. There is no other element or product that can cause salt crystals to disappear or vanish from a surface by dissolving them. But they can be moved while in solution! After it is moved, it will stay where it is put until something else comes along and moves it again. Salt-Away helps you move the salt away from the metal surfaces you are attempting to protect.

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