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Rod Gaff Long Reach Retrieval Tool

by RodGaff
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  • Allows the placement and retrieval of various sizes and types of fishing rod and reel combinations from overhead rod storage (aka, “Rocket Launchers”)
  • Enables the safe placement and retrieval of rod/reels from overhead rod storage…“rocket launchers”
  • Works on most all sizes of conventional and spinning rod and reel combinations…from the smallest to large trolling rigs
  • Vinyl coated and will not damage your expensive rods and reels
  • Made from durable light weight aluminum and will provide years of service.
  • Comes with a 2 to 4 foot telescoping floating handle
  • Accepts standard telescoping poles with push button quick release for higher reaching
  • Small, compact and stores easily

Here’s a new product from one of our fishing friends which combines safety and convenience, this could well be a private boaters best friend. The fellow who brought this idea to market has been on several of our charters over the years. He recently retired from his long time employment and, given a creative mind, began developing a solution for problem he’d encountered fishing. He saw a need for a device to safely handle rods and reels while on a rocking boat, putting gear up in the rocket launchers and taking down rigs for use. Chances are he hit the deck once or twice, thus motivating his creativity… In any event, what we have here is a handy addition to any boat with rocket launchers.

The new Rod Gaff is a dandy idea that’s finally come to market. With this device you no longer have to struggle and strain to put your rods and reels up on the rocket launchers of your boat. You’ll find other good uses, like passing a rig to a buddy on the bow, but really what this thing does for you is add a great measure of safety to your boating pleasure. The Rod Gaff works with both spinning and conventional gear, of just about any size too. You finally have a SAFE way to place and retrieve rods and reels from those high overhead rod holders! It keeps your feet safely on the deck and eliminates the danger of climbing on gunwales, bait tanks, ice chests or other unstable objects. It’s simple, flexible in use, increases safety, and you no longer need to bring along that 6’6″ buddy with long arms on your fishing trips just so you can stow your gear properly. Check the video for a brief product presentation.

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