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Red Eye Aluminum Tuna Stick Trolling Lures

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Size: 2" .5oz w/Double Hook

Large  Length: 6″   Weight: 5oz.

  • Rigging: 200# Mono, 10/0 needle eye hook

Medium  Length: 4″   Weight: 1.5oz.

  • Rigging: 200# Mono, 9/0 needle eye hook

Small  Length: 2″   Weight: 0.5oz.

  • Rigging: 4/0 needle eye double fanged hook

Cedar plugs have been a go-to trolling lure for a very long time, they’re very effective at catching just about every pelagic species out there but getting them to troll straight and getting longevity out of them is another story. The aluminum version from Red Eye works great on the surface since they are a similar weight to most plugs out there and they’re durable enough to withstand as many fish as you want.

The stainless steel version is a great option for the bluefin guys in California, the 6″ size can be trolled to 12 knots and get the reaction bite you’re looking for. The biggest advantage besides the extra weight for high speed trolling is the durability of the stainless steel, you won’t have to replace these as often as MadMac’s.

The smaller 2″ size for both types of metal are great for albacore or light trolling locally, especially when the bait is small.

Looking for a secret weapon? Look no further than the catch-all tuna stick. The sardine shape provides maximum flash at a variety of trolling speeds. Machined from the highest quality materials for unmatched durability. Incredibly effective lure with endless versatility.

This is the “Perfect” center rigger set-up. You can troll it up close in the prop wash, or you can send it to another zip code. This has got the perfect silhouette of a Baitfish and with the design of a heavier nose, the action you get from this lure is why its called the secret weapon.

  • Rigging recommendation: Designed for use with 6’ – 200# mono.
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