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Promar Platinum Series Landing Nets

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Size: LN-615
SKU LN-615

Promar has developed a new line of rubber landing nets, the Platinum Series.  The netting features a thermoplastic rubber molded bag, for more landing strength with less weight to the net.  The pliable rubber bag netting makes this a 100% snag proof and especially effective for anglers fishing with treble or multiple hooks.  It’s also a good way to go for catch and release fishing since this type of netting is less damaging to the fish.  There are three sizes available from 24″ to 60″ handle length, from 16″ to 28″ in maximum diameter.

Model # Hoop Size Handle Length
LN-615 14″ x 16″ 24″
LN-622 20″ x 22″ 48″
LN-628 26″ x 28″ 60″