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Promar Ambush Lobster & Crab Nets

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Size: NE-107 8-Pack
SKU NE-107

ProMar’s introduced a new net for 2009’s season, their Ambush. The Ambush is trap-like in it’s construction, but it’s not a trap, the bugs can indeed escape. That’s what makes it a legal net in the eyes of the DFG, and that was confirmed again in the DFG’s 2009/10 regs. It’s 32 inches wide, making it more manageable for those using kayaks for their hoop’n. This net features non-collapsable sides, it’s also steeper in design and higher on the sides, making it harder for the bugs to crawl out. You should pair this net with ProMar’s NE 103 Pro harness/accessory kit, not the EK version. These are great tools folks, very likely the most effective net a novice bugger can own. There is one competitor to this net on the market, the ProMar is indeed better because of the angle and depth of the side walls. This net, like all other ProMar’s also has a built in bait bag at the bottom of the net.

Model # Diameter Entrance Weight Harness Bridle
NE-107 32” 18” 5lbs Heavy Duty 3″x6″ Brown Float
NE-107XL 36” 20” 6lbs Heavy Duty 3″x6″ Brown Float
NE-107XLH 36” 20” 14lbs Heavy Duty 3″x6″ Brown Float
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