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Major Craft Giant Killing Long Fall SPJ Rods

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Model: GXJ-B78/4LF
  • Spiral Wrapped Guides
  • Long Fall 7’8″ perfect for sport boats
  • 2 piece butt joint

Long Fall jigging is another technique associated with slow pitch jigging where you use a longer rod to get more vertical movement out of the jig you’re using. In general with typical slow pitch jigging you’re only moving your rod 90 degrees, with long fall jigging you can bring your rod more vertical and move it 120-150 degrees which gives the jig more travel time both when you’re pulling it up and when you’re letting it fall. This gives you a couple of major advantages, one is that you can now avoid current easier since you are bringing the jig closer to you with every pull and the other advantage is that the jig gets more fall time. This doesn’t always mean you get more bites but it certainly makes it easier to stay vertical and not let the current take your farther away from you which can be detrimental to the action of the jig.

This is all great and all but the main benefit of these types of rods for our fishing is unintentional, the longer length makes it much easier to fight and control a fish when you are on a sport boat. If you’re on a large boat with 30 other guys it is hard to control a fish trying to run under the boat or get around people especially with a soft 6′-6’6″ SPJ rod. Long fall rods have more stiffness towards the butt and extra length with makes it easiest to go through the over-under around guys when you’re fighting your fish and moving around the boat. The Giant Killing series is also spiral or “acid” wrapped which makes it easier for beginners to avoid tip wrap since the last few guides are on the bottom instead of on the top of the blank unlike a conventional guide layout. This also in turn makes it easier to guide the line back on your reel when using a conventional reel over a low profile or levelwind.

Model Length Pieces Power Jig Weight Line Weight Action Rod Weight Guide Type # of Guides Reel Seat Handle Grip Length
GXJ-B78/4LF 7’8” 2* 4OZ 100-180g 22-38lb (Braid Line) Med. SLOW 6.04 (171g) FUJI KW SIC Spiral Wrapped Top + 10pcs FUJI PULS EVA 18.9” (480mm)
GXJ-B78/5LF 7’8” 2* 5OZ 150-250g 30-45lb (Braid Line) Med. SLOW 6.18 (175g) FUJI KW SIC Spiral Wrapped Top + 10pcs FUJI PULS EVA 18.9” (480mm)
GXJ-B78/6LF 7’8” 2* 6OZ 180-300g 38-53lb (Braid Line) Med. SLOW 6.18 (175g) FUJI KW SIC Spiral Wrapped Top + 10pcs FUJI PULS EVA 18.9” (480mm)