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MagBay MagTrak 10" High Speed Trolling Lures

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Color: Dorado

The MagTrak™ is truly a new breed of Wahoo and Big Game Lures.  The MagTrak features a patented design that allows the lure to swim straight and below the surface at speeds of up to 20 knots, or within short aggressive turns directly inside or outside the propwash.

  • Tested & proven design, used by many long range San Diego boats
  • Available in hot patterns for the wahoo
  • Very durable & tracks perfectly every time

The MagTrak is a hollow bodied lure, made with ABS with an internal head weight. The lure had connecting thru-wire construction which can not be pulled out.  The hooks are EXTREMELY durable and super sharp.  You will not even consider their replacement, they are perfect for their task. On our recent Red Rooster trip to Guadalupe Island I dragged one of these lure. That trip was not intended to target wahoo, water temp was cool and that destination wasn’t intended for wahoo…those focused wahoo trips come later this season.  But, I wanted to see how the lure behaved in the water. PERFECT! You drop the lure in the water and it gains depth and trolls perfectly, straight and true. Not at all like the old YoZuri Bonitas and Marauders which can end up changing position in the trolling spread simply because they aren’t balanced. The plaining head is very broad, longer than lures which actually larger. The lure itself is fairly skinny, so the big plaining head really works to it’s advantage. These things are the straightest running lures I’ve seen and they can deal with realistic trolling speeds – even UP TO 20 knots! I’ve seen surface lures do that, never deep runners!  The MagTrak runs straight and true, and it does so under a wide range of speeds!  Durable? No wahoo will damage this lure that I’ve ever seen. These lures are tough. Having said that, they are also darn expensive!

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