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Hogy Deep Drop Eel Swordfish Rigs

by Hogy
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Only 3 left!
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Color: Glow
  • Specialized Deepwater UV Blended Soft Plastic
  • Leader Chafe Protection 8″ UV Squid Teaser
  • 9/0 Mustad 7691S Stainless Knife Point Hook
  • 300lb Deep Drop Mono Leader
  • 600lb Kevlar Tandem Rig (18″ Size Only)
  • Fast Taper Tail – Serpentine Eel Action

It’s good to know folks smarter then you are, I’m again a beneficiary. In the case of these lures, they were introduced to me, and I didn’t fine ’em, but I did track ’em down. We have long had a very good swordfishery here in SoCal, large fish.  It’s been targeted by very few sport anglers, really was more of a commercial enterprise.  Increasingly local anglers are discovering that these hard pullers can be targeted very successfully.

These are large lures, about 18 inches in length. They’re rigged on 300 lb commercial grade leader, appropriately rigged with chaffing springs and quality crimping.  Three patterns, dark purple, bubblegum and lumo-glow. All are good choices.  The lures were designed by a Florida Commercial Captain as a daytime bait.  Yes, daytime, and they’ll work at night too. They are used for DEEP DROPPING, really deep, over high spots.  The fellow who introduced me to the lures will soak his in “Hot Sauce” (a popular scent used here for calico bass). Certainly other oils and scents will help, too.  He will soak the lures for a couple hours, then send ’em down.  After a couple hours he’ll switch the lures out for a “fresh” smelly lure. One does not have to scent the lures, but I think it’s a good call.

The material used for the big eel is durable, with a skinny tail which undulates in the water. These are UV enhanced lures, designed to be fished on and near the bottom, and noticed by big eyed swordies.  They are rigged on two heavy duty Mustads.  The manufacturer has produced several videos, I’ll encourage folks to watch.  Very interesting lures, well worth spending some time on a deep drop and slow presentation, dragged at 2-3 knots max. The lures come in a very nice storage bag.
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