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Hearty Rise Slow Jigging III R x Tokayo Conventional Rods

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Size: Power 0
  • 1 Piece Japanese Carbon Fiber Blank
  • 5’8″ Length
  • Conventional Guide Set
  • Fuji KW Stainless Guides
  • Heavy Pulling Power
  • Free Domestic Shipping

We’ve carried the spinning version of the Slow Jigging III R’s for a little while and with the success guys have had with the S model it only makes sense to offer these also. While the spinning models feature a thicker blank with more stiffness for pulling power, the conventional actually follows the same bend as the Slow Jigging III S. The S and R’s actually share the same blank design and construction so they are nearly identical besides the significant upgrade to the titanium components. These rods offer the same amazing performance of the popular SJ3S series without the premium price tag, saving nearly $150 by going with a set of stainless guides instead of the titanium Torzite set. This shouldn’t be much of a worry for anyone, the Fuji stainless alconite KW’s are well regarded as one of the best set of guides available out there.

As with the S series, these have plenty of pulling power with enough bend and recoil to work large and small jigs alike depending on the power rating you go with. There is a special emphasis towards deep water jigging which will maximize the performance that these rods can put out with the extra resistance at depth. Make sure to pair these rods with tall narrow reels to get the best feel and make use of the smaller guides that will help the line guide itself back on the reel. I’d highly recommend at least the Accurate Valiant 500N SPJ if not the 600NN on the bigger sizes. The extra line capacity can help for deep water fishing, or you can go with a line class up to fish heavier drag if current isn’t an issue.

Model Length
Butt Dia
Power Range
Line 90° Drag
60° Drag
SJ3R-581C/250 5’8″ 176 1 192 2.4 9.1 #0 MAX 250 MAX PE1.5 ~ 30lb 14 24 95
SJ3R-581C/340 5’8″ 176 1 189 2.4 9.1 #1 MAX 340 MAX PE2.5 ~ 40lb 20 30 95
SJ3R-581C/500 5’8″ 176 1 206 2.9 9.6 #2 MAX 500 MAX PE3.0 ~ 50lb 28 40 95
SJ3R-581C/800 5’8″ 176 1 239 2.9 11.1 #3 MAX 800 MAX PE4.0 ~ 60lb 36 50 95
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