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Duran DFP Universal Reel Clamps

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5+ in stock, ready to be shipped
Size: Mini

Mini Kit
The mini kit comes with both sizes of screws along with the clamp itself and works well for smaller reels that don’t normally have a clamp such as the Avet SXJ, Daiwa Saltiga Star 10-15, and older Lexa 300’s. It fits a diameter of 1 1/8″ – 7/8″ (28MM- 22MM) so you will have to use relatively thin deckhand rods to accommodate smaller reels.

Large Kit
The large kit comes with longer screw sizes and a deeper dish for larger diameter rods. Such as Seeker Uluas, 6480’s, 540’s, Phenix HAF, and most 9-10ft jig sticks.

DFP Super Clamp Fitment Rod Diameter 1” inch (25.4 MM)- 1 1/2 (38MM) Shimano: Torium 14-50, Trinidad 12-50, Trinidad A 12-50, Calcutta 400-700, Tranx 400-500, Talica 8-20, Tyronos 20-30 Daiwa: Saltiga 15-50, Saltist 15-50, Seagate 20-50, Lexa 400 Okuma: Komodo 463, Komodo 471 Penn: Torque 15-40, Fathom 15-50, Squall 15-40, Warefare 15-30 Avet: JX,HX,LX Accurate: Valiant 400-600, Tern 400-600, Boss 400-600, Dauntless 400-600, Fury 400-600 *Does not fit narrow framed Reels* *Does not fit Newell’s or Avet SX/MX*

One of the funnest aspects to running this business is working with new manufacturers on the way up. Duran Fishing Products is a great example, a small machining company with some very good creative ideas.  The DFP Standard Clamp is their first product, and they have another one coming soon.  For those of us who have bought or wanted to buy one of the newer low profile baitcasters, like Okuma’s Komodo, Daiwa Lexa, or some other nameless bike manufacturers large baitcasters, the reel’s design leaves out something that most of us want to have – a reel clamp.  It’s a profound positive, a requirement, when we fish heavier line tests, and these new designed baitcasters with series drag capability are made to fish heavy. They beg for a clamp, but it’s not available from the reel’s manufactuer. As the line test increases, a clamp becomes more necessary. Many of us have seen what happens when a reel flies off a reel seat and breaks rod guides on it’s way to the deep… A reel clamp is mandatory, not optional, should you wish to put one of these reels on a deckhand style rod.

Every manufacturer missed this key angler need, but there were a few firms that ran with the ball, at lest for a while.  Daiwa had a $55 clamp assembly, but they discontinued it. Tiburon has one, but it’s only good on model of a particular manufacturers reel – isn’t universal and won’t work on lefty reels. This is something different. The Duran clamp is made to fit well over 40 different reels!

In the past there have been several manufacturers who have come to market wih a clamp assembly for use with these new reels, but they’ve not been compatible across the different reels. What worked for a Lexa would not work on a a Tranx or Komodo. And, to further complicate things, what worked on a right hand retrieve reel would NOT work on a lefty. Ed Duran, the fellow behind these products, solved all those issues. As you can see from the image below, we set up a Lexa 400 lefty with the clamp, works just fine as does the right hand retrieve version.  This patent pending clamp is the most versatile clamping system on the market. It will fit OVER 40 different reels! All components of the DFP Clamp are precision CNC machined out of aircraft grade billet 6061 aluminum, making the single frame design strong and sturdy. All components contain 3D machined surfaces that allow for more contact with the reel foot and rod, providing stronger clamping force. The anodized finish provides resitance to wear and the harsh effects of saltwater, and they look great, too. Even with reels that offer a clamp, you may find yourself running this clamp assembly instead given the way it holds your reel onto the rod. In terms of compatibility, this new design clamp will fit shimano Tranx 400/500, Daiwa Lexa 400, Okuma Komodo 400 series, Torium 14-40, Penn Fathoms, Avet LX/JX/HX, Daiwa Saltist and Saltiga…and many more.


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