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Daiwa Marine Power MP 3000 12V

by Daiwa
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SKU MP3000-12V
  • Preset Lever Drag
  • 16 Bearing System (2CRBB 14BB)
  • Machine-cut aluminum frame, sideplates and spool
  • Powerful, machined stainless steel gear drive
  • Daiwa’s unique Power Lever™ for instant control of winding speed and power
  • Digital readout measures line let out and distance retrieved from the bottom
  • Programmable Auto Stop™ feature stops winding when lure reaches the surface
  • Manual winding option
  • Washable design with sealed electronics
  • Power cord and reel bag included

Daiwa produces six power assist reels, all revolutionary in their own way. These power assist reels utilize battery/12 volt power to automate and assist the drudgery of deeper water fishing. There are more applications, but that’s a virtue all share, with the 1000 size  reels gaining some additional advantage based upon their size, strength and potential for kite applications in addition to the deep water and jigging possibilities. Perhaps a bit more of a financial commitment is required to rationalize the MP3000 (24 volt), but the deepwater swordfishing potential of this beast makes it’s ownership a bit more rational. It may be a bit of over kill for a 12# redfish, but a couple hundred pounds of swordfish, well, that’s another story and the capability is certainly present.

MP-3000 – This reel is a beast if there ever was one. It’s large, 80 size and robust with over 80#’s of drag to work with. If you are targeting deep water broadbill swordfish, this piece can well be rationalized regardless of expense.



Winding Power

Bearings Gear Ratio Line Per
Handle Turn
Line Capacity
(Lb. Test / Yards)


Speed (3lb Load)

MP3000 80 Kgf 1MBB, 1CRBB, 14BB 1.7:1 24.8″ 196.4 MONO: 50/1200, 60/800
BRAID: 120/1500, 150/1000
88 80 m/min
MP3000-24V 90 Kgf 1MBB, 1CRBB, 14BB 1.7:1 24.8 194.0 MONO: 120/1500, 150/1000
BRAID: 120/1500, 150/1000
88 90 m/min

CRBB = Super Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearing, BB = Stainless Steel Ball Bearing, RB Roller Bearing

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