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Daiwa JDM Saltiga Slow Jigging Braided Line

by Daiwa
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Size: PE 2.0 35lb
  • Available in 600m Spool Sizes
  • PE2.0, 2.5 & 3.0
  • Evo Silicone 2.0 Coating
  • Higher Abrasion Resistance

The Daiwa SJ DuraSensor line is a great slow pitch jigging alternative to the other Daiwa lines offers in the US such as J-Braid 8 and Grand. It is more abrasion resistant (about 300% more compared to Daiwa’s base variants) due to the updated evo silicone coating, and provides unmatched strength to diameter ratings when compared to the US counterparts. Along with that it is more slick and smooth due to the coating keeping it fresh longer and making it a much more enjoyable line to fish especially when slow pitch jigging. Thin and light all graphite rods paired with the appropriate guide set transfer vibrations very well so pairing them with rough 4 strand braids sours the experience when you can feel every inch of that line bumping down every guide when you’re dropping or retrieving a jig. This line solves all of that without breaking the bank.

The line color changes every 10 meters for a total of 5 colors, this helps you narrow down the depth you’re fishing at to make sure you always stay in the strike zone. We have this line available in 600 meter spools.

Every test is first rated by the PE rating, which is actually corresponding to a standardized diameter that is fixed for all manufacturers. Every PE 2.0 line is the same diameter which makes it easier to figure out how much line you can get on a reel and so on. What changes is the average break strength or the test rating of the line, so depending on the manufacturer and quality of line a PE 2.0 line can be anywhere from 15 to 40lb break strength. The Daiwa SJ line has a very strong strength to diameter ratio, and beats out all lines manufactured in the US.

PE 2.0 is great for most slow jigging and you can get 600m on reels like the Accurate Valiant/Tern 300, Daiwa Saltiga 15, Daiwa Saltist 15, Okuma Tesoro 5N, Seigler SGN. PE 2.5 is a small step up in case you’re going with a slightly taller or wider reel and the PE 3.0 is good for bigger game when a bit of extra pulling power is nice to have, 600 meters fills an Accurate Valiant 500N which is a both a ton of line and a ton of pulling power.

PE Rating
Average Break Strength
Diameter Estimate(mm)
Diameter Estimate(in)
2 35lb ~ 16kg 0.235mm 0.0092
2.5 42lb ~ 19kg 0.260mm 0.0102
3 49lb ~ 22kg 0.285mm 0.0112
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