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Daiwa Coastal SV TW 150 Baitcasting Reels

by Daiwa
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In Stock or Pre Orders Allowed
In Stock or Pre Orders Allowed
  • Aluminum Frame and Aluminum Side Plate
  • 8 Bearing System (2CRBB 5BB 1RB)
  • T-Wing System
  • ZAION Star Drag
  • 100mm Swept Handle
  • SV Spool

This is a new model from Daiwa, one we fell for at ICAST.  There is another model in the Coastal line, nice reel, but it will go away in favor of this design as time progresses.  The new Coastal 150 incorporates some of Daiwa’s most innovative and well received features. 

A new-sized baitcaster designed for light tackle, inshore, saltwater enthusiasts, the COASTAL SV TW 150. Ideal for Gulf Coast redfish and speckled trout specialists where, small plastics and popping cork set-ups are popular. With the reel’s many features, it will easily crossover into many inshore saltwater applications on any coast. The reel is small, compact and palmable. It has a deeper 150 Size Spool in a 100 Size Reel Body. The SV Spool is strong and capable of tolerating the increased pressures of braided line. The T-Wing System allows the line to pass freely, without friction, through the level wind’s eye, on a long cast. The small reel is substantial and stout built around an Aluminum frame and Aluminum side plate. The innovative Zaion Star Drag is a “high density” carbon strain material that is 20 percent stronger and 50 percent lighter than traditional nylon and aluminum. A100mm Swept Handle makes hard cranking comfortable and natural. If a light tackle inshore workhorse baitcaster is on your wish list, look no further than Daiwa’s small, compact yet powerful COASTAL SV TW 150, a baitcaster for today’s angler.

Wonderful size, and more than adequate line capacity and drag level for it’s intended application – inshore fishing in saltwater with excellent service in freshwater, too.  Like Daiwa’s Tatula series baitcasters, this reel features Daiwa’s T-Wing system for reduced angles and less friction, their ZAION Star Drag, swept handle, 8 bearings, aluminum frame and sideplate, and the SV Spool! The corrosion resistant bearings are a blessing, lasting up to 12 times longer than standard stainless steel bearings.

You’ll be surprised at the line capacity, given the reel is so compact and light.  You get the capacity of a larger 150 sized reel – NICE! The ergonomics are excellent, swept handle Zaion star drag for reduced weight with exceptional strength, and the TWS T-Wing will help you improve your casts even with light baits and skinny braided lines.  This will become a favored workhorse despite it’s diminutive size.

We strongly supported the original Coastals, I bought one 15 years ago and fished the crap out of her. Still own the reel, though she shows the abuse I put it thru (purposely). I The revision to that original model didn’t stir me to add them to the mix. And, the Lexa series which were made for saltwater didn’t offer a small 100 sized reel (The older Lexa series did offer a 100 size, but it was not built as well as the 300’s). This model does represent a significant step forward. You could call it a Lexa HD version, and frankly I’m a bit surprised Daiwa didn’t go that route. The new Coastal is well worth owning, you will fish the crap out of it!

Bearings Gear Ratio Line Per
Handle Turn
Line Capacity
(Lb. Test / Yards)
CLSVTW150HS M / L 2CRBB, 5BB, 1RB 7.1:1 29.9″ 6.9 MONO: 16/125, 20/100
BRAID: 20/220, 30/165
CLSVTW150HSL M / L 2CRBB, 5BB, 1RB 7.1:1 29.8″ 6.9 MMONO: 16/125, 20/100
BRAID: 20/220, 30/165
CLSVTW150XS M / L 2CRBB, 5BB, 1RB 8.1:1 33.9″ 6.9 MONO: 16/125, 20/100
BRAID: 20/220, 30/165

CRBB = Super Corrosion Resistant Ball Bearing, BB = Stainless Steel Ball Bearing, RB Roller Bearing

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