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Daiwa Ballistic LT MQ Spinning Reels

by Daiwa
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Size: BLSMQLT 1000D
  • Durable Monocoque Frame
  • Saltwater Corrosion Resistant Bearings
  • MagSealed AR Clutch
  • Light Weight & Tough Body
  • Available in 1000 – 4000 Sizes

The new Ballistic MQ is a welcome release, adding to the Daiwa MQ saltwater lineup bringing the high end frames down to a more affordable and lighter weight reel. The Ballistic has always been a very light weight but tough reel that was perfect for freshwater, inshore and light offshore use and the new generation is no exception. While the weight has increased a bit, but the advantages that come with the MQ frame are a whole lot more important than <1oz of difference. The new reels are much more water resistant due to the one piece frame design as well as the added metal frame protection at the back. The new reels also feature a larger main gear due to the switch over to the MQ design, this not only makes the reel smoother but also gives you more cranking power without worrying about long term wear. They feature the same injected carbon fiber frame and rotor, as well as the machined aluminum main gear from the LT lineup.

They have removed the clutch switch so they no longer let you crank backwards or let line out which was a popular feature for a lot of the freshwater guys, but they still offer it on the Tatula lineup which are tailor made to that style of fishing. With that gone they gain water and debris resistance that the previous generation didn’t have as much of. This still isn’t a reel you want to be dunking in the sand like a Van Staal, but they will last longer in saltwater which is great for the inshore fishermen out there.

Daiwa has narrowed down the size range a bit so they make the reels in 1000 – 4000 sizes while the older ones added on a 5000 and a 6000 for the guys wanting a light offshore reel, but that has since been replaced by the Saltist MQ and Certate MQ lineup. Overall the sizes are going to be quite usable for what the reels were meant for, they even come with deep spools unlike the JDM counterparts which have a lot less line capacity. With all of these upgrades and changes they have still managed to narrow down to lower price point, with all of the reels being family priced instead of varying by size.

Model Bearings Gear Ratio Retrieve Weight Line Capacity
(Lb. Test / Yards)
BLSMQLT1000D 8 (2CRBB, 6BB, 1RB) 5.1:1 25.4” 6 oz MONO: 4/250, 6/160


J-BRAID: 6/320, 8/200

11 lb
BLSMQLT2500D 8 (2CRBB, 6BB, 1RB) 5.2:1 28.7” 6.9 oz MONO: 8/240, 10/210


J-BRAID: 10/250, 15/185

22 lb
BLSMQLT2500D-XH 8 (2CRBB, 6BB, 1RB) 6.2:1 34.5” 6.9 oz MONO: 8/240, 10/210


J-BRAID: 10/250, 15/185

22 lb
BLSMQLT3000D-C 8 (2CRBB, 6BB, 1RB) 5.2:1 30.6” 7.6 oz MONO: 10/280, 12/220


J-BRAID: 15/250, 20/220

22 lb
BLSMQLT4000D-C 8 (2CRBB, 6BB, 1RB) 5.2:1 32.5” 8.1 oz MONO: 14/250, 20/160


J-BRAID: 20/280, 30/200

26 lb
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