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Cush It Big Game Rod Cushion

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For those not wanting the hassle of wearing a rod belt, but still not wanting to suffer the bruised belly, the Cush-It allows you to pull harder while still maintaining some comfort down at the rod’s butt as you leverage a fish. These are made in Canada from a soft but durable foam material. The firm makes three sizes, two of which fit into the saltwater scene. The Large Big Game model will handle your larger rods, trolling pieces or even deckhand style rods, while the All Species model will cover your bait sticks just fine. That’s the size most folks will probably want, no doubt. Pricing is fair on these when compared to the older West Coast product that went away a couple years ago. I talked to the owner of the firm a couple months back and he wasn’t aware of the old Knobie, came up with this idea on his own apparently. Certainly the materials used are better and the way the rods fit into the device is a little different, but the end result is the same, you don’t get bruised on the belly.