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Hearty Rise Slow Jigging III R x Tokayo Spinning Rods

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Size: Power 0
  • 1 Piece Japanese Carbon Blank
  • Spinning Guide Set
  • Fuji KW Stainless Guides
  • Heavy Pulling Power
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The Slow Jigging III R is the newest addition to their lineup of slow pitch jigging rods. The R is a bit different from the rest since it is now available in a spinning configuration for the guys more comfortable with fixed spool reels, with that change comes a stiffer rod bend which gives you more pulling power. The bend is very similar to the S series, although the equivalent ratings in the R feel like they have a bit more recoil. These rods also feature Fuji KW Stainless guides so they are significantly less expensive than the other Slow Jigging III rods that feature titanium sets. You can save some money on the rod and put the savings towards a nicer reel since you’ll need it to be able to maximize the potential and pulling power of these rods. The heaviest 800g model is rated for nearly 50lbs of drag at 60 degrees which will put any fixed spool reel to the test, if not the angler as well.

The stiffer bend makes them more usable for a hybrid approach of slow pitch or high speed jigging meaning you can get a combo that will do both well. For a high speed jigging style drop the jig rating down 40% and you should fall right into the range that each rod is capable of fishing well. As always with the Slow Jigging series pull on the fish and pump like a man, these rods are capable of a lot more than most slow pitch rods.

Model Length
Butt Dia
Power Range
Line 90° Drag
60° Drag
SJ3R-581S/250 5’8″ 176 1 192 2.4 9.1 #0 MAX 250 MAX PE1.5 ~ 30lb 14 24 95
SJ3R-581S/340 5’8″ 176 1 189 2.4 9.1 #1 MAX 340 MAX PE2.5 ~ 40lb 20 30 95
SJ3R-581S/500 5’8″ 176 1 206 2.9 9.6 #2 MAX 500 MAX PE3.0 ~ 50lb 28 40 95
SJ3R-581S/800 5’8″ 176 1 239 2.9 11.1 #3 MAX 800 MAX PE4.0 ~ 60lb 36 50 95
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