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Charkbait United Composites Gaffs

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In Stock or Pre Orders Allowed
In Stock or Pre Orders Allowed
Size: 4ft

Here's a new CharkBait exclusive every private boater will appreciate. I know I do, I've owned a similar gaff for probably 20 years now, have always preferred it's feel and weight to aluminum gaffs. Mine's an old fiberglass model, but still a great gaff to own and use. These new UC gaffs are significantly better, lighter and made off a much nicer blank.

United Composites builds a great rod, they are among the top tier of rod manufacturers in the world. Well, I was over at their factory a few weeks ago talking with their production manager and new owner Randy Penny (who built similar gaffs for us when he headed up Seeker, and we struck upon an idea... The fruits of which are posted here.

UC's gaffs are nothing short of exceptional, made on one of their blanks with a very sharp and strong hook. Given the use of a rod blank for the shaft, there's a certain springiness, a bit of "action" and better feel to the device. In the case of the gaffs we have to offer, they feature a nice Turks head, use of tuna cord and the prettiest darn wrap job you've ever seen on a gaff. UC's using some of their better blanks in production of our gaffs, in lengths of approximately 4, 5 and 6 feet. All the hooks are the same size, about 2.5" which is a perfect size for most species of fish in my opinion. No, it's not a proper gaff for LARGE 150# tuna, the hook gap is too small, same for larger mako or thresher sharks. But, for the majority of what we catch, from smaller schoolie tuna, albacore, yellowtail, bonito, bass and barracuda, it's perfection.

The gaffs are available using a quality red colored (of course) UC rod blank. These  gaffs are flat out beautiful pieces of equipment, and will be things you will absolutely love owning for many, many years to come.

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