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Catchy Tackle Black Chrome Sea Strike 33 Jigs

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Color: Blue
  • High quality wahoo inspired casting jigs
  • Perfect for a high speed retrieve
  • Chrome & Gold body finishes
  • Silver, Blue, Red, Pink, Purple & Gold mylar tape
  • Strong single siwash hooks for the best hookset

Catchy is another So. Cal. firm that’s making big waves with virtually all of their excellent new lures. In this instance, Catchy has brought back an old favorite Sea Strike Jigs.  They’ve updated the product as you’ll see, but retained that old productive action.Catchy Tackle brought back an old favorite, and made some nice improvements.  The shape is the same, nice swimming action, but the action is geared towards wahoo.  The lures are a bright chrome, on the flat side Catchy has added a prism finish in silver, blue, purple or red.  The lure’s matched with a single siwash hook for better penetration.  They’re about seven inches in length.

These jigs have been successfully fished on the long range scene, for many years and thru at least 3 changes in ownership of the firm making the lures.  SeaStrike is owned by Catchy, and because of that they’ve remained part of our long range menu for over 15 years.  So, how did we find ’em to begin with?  Fact is, I heard about ’em backwards.  One of our clients contacted us about securing some.  He’d just returned from a trip on one of the San Diego based boats, saw first hand just how effective these guys can be.  So, we tracked them down and brought some into the shop for the fellow who called, and a few extra for us. Since that time they’ve proven their effectiveness with consistent, solid results landing wahoo and other gamefish. Darn good lures, have more action on the drop than say a slab style lure such as a Raider.  They’ve even worked for me!

I’d suggest running the lures without wire. I’ll usually fish ’em that way, but I’ll rig one of each style on single strand as insurance against getting sawed or bit off. In my opinion they’ll fish better rigged only on mono, and given the way a wahoo hits the lure you’ll rarely loose one…but it can happen. In the past three years fishing these irons I’ve yet to have to fish my “insurance” jigs.

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