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Boston Big Game Kite

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This kite has gained a lot of positive feedback based in no small part to it’s ease of use and price. Regardless of price, this is a great kite to own for any private boater. They deploy easily given their foil type design, less of a need to run helium to get the thing where it needs to go. The Big Game kite flies in a wider range of wind conditions than most kites, 5-20 knots suggested by the manufacturer. In truth, you’ll find these to be the easiest fliers on the market – they do well in relatively slack conditions. In stronger winds you may find yourself wanting the kite to stay down lower to the water and further out from your boat. The other neat thing about these particular kites is that they don’t hold water like other ones do. If the kite goes down, hits the water and gets wet it will not detract from it’s ability to fly! They’ll work in wet or dry conditions. Folks often have added a bit of weight to the kite to achieve their desired distance/height. The kite was made for handling larger baits, and does so quite well. It’s suggested that you fly this kite with 80# or greater line. The heavier the winds, the heavier the line for flying – this will help keep the kite flying out away from your boat rather than straight up (and away from the fish). Some will fly a flag off the kite, perhaps 50 feet down the line to add some additional drag. (Really seems a bit strange to suggest adding drag whether it be a flag, weight or heavier line, but the ease of flying this particular kite opens the door to some fiddling in order to deal with heavier winds and a more vertical flight path. These are the easiest kites to run I’ve come across.)

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