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Ahi USA Sabiki Bait Catcher Rods

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In Stock or Pre Orders Allowed
Size: 7ft

Having quality live bait can be the difference between having an epic day on the water and a not so great day of fishing. This innovative fishing rod was designed exclusively for catching bait. The hollow shaft of the Sabiki Stick safely stows the sharp hooks of a Sabiki Rig keeping them snag free and tangle free until ready to fish. The 3 piece sectional rod is great for breakdown and transport.

One of the hassles some folks experience in using a sabiki is what to do with it after you've used it to make bait. They don't lend themselves to being repackaged too well, with several hooks six feet or so of mainline plus the droppers. Also, it takes time to rig and put away, and then you might not have one handy when the bait does pop up again. The Ahi rig stows the sabiki inside the rod! Over the past couple years several Sabiki rods have come on the market, and again ProMar/Ahi came up with some improvements over what has been available. Again stowing the sabiki rig, and the rod is an issue for private boaters as well as long range fishermen. The Ahi design is multi-piece (3 to be exact). It's also a little longer, helping to get the rig away from the boat, and other angler's tangles. The rod also features a gimbal (with cap) to aid in use. For use with conventional reels.

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