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AFW High Speed Braced Planer Kit

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Fishing big salt water isn’t like puttering around in a lake. It gets a lot deeper, rougher, and holds bigger fish, too. You have to make your offering available to the bitters, where ever they might be. That often means you need to work more of the water column for a bite. Downriggers can help you cover more of the water column and that can be a critical difference in achieving fishing success. I’ve got a downrigger and still often use the product when I’m targeting certain fish, like halibut or sometimes while sharking. I like using it a lot, but it can be a hassle to deploy, especially from a small boat. Often, I’ll leave it home to save the space, only to wish later I’d had a way to get to the deeper fish. Well, here’s an alternative which allows you to easily cover a lot more water and you’ll have no excuse not to keep one of the rigs on the boat. The compact planer pack is one of more useful items you can buy!

To deploy, all you do is attach the poly line to a cleat, attach your line to the planner and let out both lines. Boom, you’re done, that is until a fish hooks up. I’m most excited about using this product with a shallow or deep diving plug. Instead of covering the top ten feet with a lure, you can be working 60 feet or better. If you target yellowtail or tuna on the troll, you really should strongly consider adding this item to your boat’s arsenal. It’s a great high speed planer package.

Planer Package includes planner, leader wheel, poly line, mono line, snap/swivels, rubber bands, all packed in a marine-safe bag to help keep things organized for quick deployment.

  • Great for controlled depth trolling 10-40 ft (3-12.2 m)
  • Durable, corrosion resistant stainless steel blade
  • Kit includes: braced stainless steel blade, 35 ft (10.6 m) Mono line, 300 lb (136 kg) test, and 5 ft (1.5 m) Dacron line
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