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Accurate Tern 2 TXD-300 Reels

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In Stock or Pre Orders Allowed
In Stock or Pre Orders Allowed
Gear Ratio: 6:1 High Speed
Retrieve: Right Hand

The 300 size Tern 2's are a perfect light jigging and casting reel, ideal for 20-40lb braid with a topshot. These reels are perfect for flylining bait, slow pitch jigging and light bottom fishing of all kinds.

The new Tern 2’s are a nice improvement over the previous generation of Tern reels. They’ve taken the experience and advice from the last few years and applied it to the 2nd generation. The key differences and improvements they’ve made are on the internals, they now feature a centrifugal cast control system along with a dual ball bearing supported pinion. The later will really help these reels perform and last under heavy drag loads, the extra bearings helps keep the pinion gear concentric and smooth under load which was one of the criticism we saw with some of the reels from the last generation. As with the last gen reels you have a very innovative drag system that applies pressure from both sides of the main gear, this provides a smooth and consistent drag while also giving you a higher max drag.

Another key difference is the frame design which is a bit more robust and should be more durable over the lifespan of the reel, the weight did go up a tad bit because of that but the primary difference in weight comes from the handle knob. They have returned to the more comfortable rubber knob of the Dauntless and Boss Xtreme reels, this will be especially great for SoCal since it will be more comfortable for almost all style of fishing we do. For the guys that want to shed a bit of weight, they can always be ordered with the ball knob which is great for cast and retrieve fishing.

One of the most exciting features of the new Tern 2’s is the cast control system. It is designed more or less as a set it and forget it system, they come with an appropriate amount of casting blocks/weights for the size of reel but anyone can get more blocks if they need more help or take a few out if they want a bit more freespool. It is cast control style that has been around for decades and it is a whole lot more simple than some of the magnetic cast controls out there. The brake blocks provide a bit of extra friction that depends on how fast the spool spins, this slows the spool down an appropriate amount without interfering too much. This is also a very durable system which is corrosion resistant unlike some of the magnetic controls.

Model Retrieve Line Class Gear Ratio Line Capacity Drag Retrieve Rate Weight
TXD-300X Right Hand 15-40lb 6:01 30lb - 325yds 22lb 38" 14oz
TXD-300XL Left Hand 15-40lb 6:01 30lb - 325yds 22lb 38" 14oz
TXD-300 Right Hand 15-40lb 5:01 30lb - 325yds 22lb 30.5" 14oz
TXD-300L Left Hand 15-40lb 5:01 30lb - 325yds 22lb 30.5" 14oz
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