Xtratuf Legacy 12″ Deck Boots


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Extra Tuf Legacy boots ARE the choice of many long rangers. They run about a half size large, accommodating insole inserts which we sell.  With the insert, comfort is on a high plane.  Xtra Tuf produce a good, likely the best, work boot. These are the one’s the deckhands wear, no greater testament than that for long range fishing. They’re excellent products, and will last a long, long time.  For our clients with wet climates, you’ll get a double dose of use from these finely crafted products. While the Legacy boots were originally made for agriculture use, dairy industry primarily, they are the standard among our San Diego based long range deckhands and skippers.

One point, XT boots run 1/2 size large. In the past we’d suggest folks buying an insert/insole to absorb that 1/2 size. No 1/2 sizes offered by the manufacturer. XT boots are still about 1/2 size large, but now they do come with an insert/insole that provides a nice cushion. In the past I used a size 11 boot and an insert. Alternatively I could have used a size 10 and that was also comfortable on my feet with no insert. Now, with the new production which comes with an insert I bought a size 11 and it’s perfect right out of the box.  For you guys who are 1/2 sized, I’d suggest buying the larger size and then buying an insert from a local drug or general store IF NEEDED rather than downsizing your boot.

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