Winn Grip 96″ Contour Rod Wraps

• Made with highly advanced Winn Dry polymer material.
• Simple to install, scissors is only tool needed.
• Works well on all surfaces, cork, EVA, or directly on the blank.
• Tacky and comfortable in wet, cold, hot and humid conditions.
• High durability, will last for years.
• Also can be used on net, gaff, and kayak handles.
• Available in 96” length in 30mm width


Winn offers two styles of grip material. Each is applied in a spiral on the handle of your rod, offering protection, a tad more width, and is easy on and off, both able to wrap 32 inches worth of rod, both 96 inches in length. The material used by Winn is unique, its a highly advanced dry polymer material. The wrap works well on all surfaces, cork, EVA, hypalon or directly on the blank. It’s tacky and comfortable in wet, cold, hot or humid conditions. It’s durable, will last for years.  We’re stocking the products in some great colors, two styles. The Contour Wrap provides a bit more substance for building up a rod’s diameter and improving grip a tad more.

The Contour Overwrap has a comfort bead applied to the center of the Overwrap for added Finger Grip Comfort (FGC). Once you try these, you’ll understand and appreciate the added features.

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