United Composites Challenger Xtreme Big Game Trolling Rods


  • Dual Helix Composite Blank
  • Hypalon Fore-grip
  • Alps Unibutt/Bentbutt
  • Black on black with red, blue and silver trim
  • AFTCO Super Heavy Duty Wind On Rollers
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The RCX 40’s are IGFA style big game trolling rods which emphasize pulling power and durability. The blanks come in at only 4 feet long and are made to be used with a unibutt which brings the total length to 5’6″ which is perfect for most heavy duty applications. These are especially great rods for large bluefin and have the guts to pull in the bigger fish quickly. AFTCO Super Heavy Duty wind on rollers are used on all models so you don’t have to worry about your reel size and any kind of knots or connections you want to wind through them. These roller guides also feature ceramic ball bearings so you don’t have to worry about smoothness and corrosion, they are durable and well regarded in the industry. Since these rods are IGFA style their ratings are pretty conservative, the 130lb XOS model is a lot more powerful than rail rods and traditional trolling rods with the same line class, they require a heavy drag to load up well.

With the growing popularity of bluefin trolling in California these have been very effective especially when paired with larger reels all the way up to 80W’s for the heaviest model. If you’re in northern California looking to give the bluefin a shot, look no further because you won’t find a better rod for landing a personal best. Whether you’re fighting stand-up or in a rod holder these will fill your needs, although a harness is highly recommended for ease of use.</span

RCX40 XH-UB 5’6″ MOD-FAST 50-80 1
RCX40 XXH-UB 5’6″ MOD-FAST 50-100 1
RCX40 XO-UB 5’6″ MOD-FAST 60-130 1
RCX40 XOS-UB 5’6″ MODERATE 130 1

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