Toro Tamer 16 Strand Hollow Braid

Toro Tamer

  • Highest quality 16 strand polyethylene gel spun construction
  • By far the easiest braid on the market to splice with
  • Hollow core design allows for extra line capacity compared to equal solid braid
  • Large spools available in White, Yellow & HiVis Green in certain sizes
  • Smaller spools available in White & Dark Green in certain sizes
  • First 20 lb and 30 lb ultra thin hollow core line on the market
  • Easy inline rigging on lighter tests, with leader over twice the line test
  • Best braid to use when learning inline rigging


Toro Tamer’s 16 strand Hollow Core line, offers anglers the easiest to use super braid on the market for all inline rigging applications. Toro Tamer’s 16 strand is available in 25, 300, 500 and 1000 meter spools. This hollow core Gel Spun Super Braid polyethylene line represents the best product on the market in terms of ease of use in splicing, diameter and test capability. For our clients making wind-ons we have the line available in 25 meter, 1000 meter (1100 yards), 500 and 300 meter filler spools. The new hollow core is available in 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 and 130 lb. tests. We’ve been working with the 16 strand hollow core 40 & 50 # extensively and frankly, I believe it to be the best such product that’s ever hit the street (dock?), and it will revolutionize the way many of us rig up our smaller reels – especially beneficial for folks running spinning reels and baitcasters. The 16 strand is excellent. We anticipate several other manufacturers and retailers to contradict our claims of quality, they have a vested interest in maintaining their position in the marketplace and high retail price. I encourage you to be the judge and see for yourself the fact that you can get a very good quality hollow core without paying the extremely high price others are charging.

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20100% PE 16 Strand0.24mm0.24mmwhite
30100% PE 16 Strand0.26mm0.26mmwhite
40100% PE 16 Strand0.29mm0.28mmwhite
50100% PE 16 Strand0.33mm0.33mmwhite
60100% PE 16 Strand0.4mm0.4mmwhite
80100% PE 16 Strand0.45mm0.43mmwhite
100100% PE 16 Strand0.48mm0.47mmwhite
130100% PE 16 Strand0.64mm0.5mmwhite
200100% PE 16 Strand0.86mm0.74mmwhite