Savage Gear 3D Octopus Lures


They’re not easily caught, but every bottom-oriented predator in the ocean regards a tasty octopus as a meal worth pursuing. Savage Gear leverages this feeding preference with a lifelike replica of that 8-armed mollusk — the 3D Octopus.

  • Available in 3 sizes & 4 great colors
  • Life like action, sizes & colors
  • Built in rattle
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The hit of the show…again!

Savage Gear is on a bit of a roll. First the 3D Shrimps, 3D Mack Stickbaits, 3D Squids, and now naturally enough we have the best octopus imitation that’s ever been made. If you have seen some video from ICAST, then you know of Savage Gear’s 3D Octopus lure. These will become available in three sizes, we have now received the smallest size at over 3 1/4 inches in length and 115 grams/4 ounces. The lure pictured right is the smallest size, 4 ounces with a body of about 3 inches.

The new lures are based upon a 3D scan of a real octopus. They feature an adaptive tie point, so you can work the lure effectively vertically as well as swim the lure.  The hook is a super strong 6X design, with a high quality superglow and UV finish. The tentacles are made from durable TPE material (again, do not keep these with your soft plastics).  The back of the lure as well as tentacles glow.  You can even attach an assist hook if you want.  The bottom of the lure has bubble catch belly rings, which act to create a bit of a bubble trail. Add a bit of scent if you wish, that will only increase the enticement.

From Savage Gear: The 3D Octopus is based on a scan of a baby Octopus, the Body is lead alloy and the tentacles is made from super durable soft TPE. The lure has almost zero resistance in the water on the drop and will dart wide on slow jigging. On the pause the lure will hang in a realistic posture, and the tentacles will move at even the slightest current. For the bigger sizes, 115, 185 and 300g, the lure has Adaptive tie-point bridge to ease retrieve from depth. The Super Glow paint and skirt along with a built-in rattle chamber and bubble catch, the 3D Octopus hits every visual, auditory and sensory points that triggers feeding and aggression from predator fish. Built Tough with extra heavy-duty hardware, the 3D Octopus is designed to take on the most Savage predatory game fish on the ocean floor.

Not much more to add other than pictures, and they do tell quite a story. The head is a very realistic chunk of lead alloy, durably finished with a couple eyes, glow back with lumo tentacles. Without a doubt Savage Gears new Octopus is going to be a very worthwhile addition to any angler’s tacklebox.  These things are excellent lures, the best and most fishable of their type.  Every bottom dwelling fish loves to munch octopus, life is indeed hard when you are tasty. Give the fish what they want, feed ’em one of these new lures.

Head Length 3 1/4″ 3 1/2″ 4″
Weight 115 grams 185 grams 300 grams
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