Owner Mutu Light Circle Hooks


Circle hooks are a proven commodity at this point, and no one makes better one’s than Owner. They have recently come up with another great variant, a lighter weight version of their excellent circle hook. The lighter hooks are just the ticket for flylining lighter, smaller baits. They are a much better choice for use with anchovies. Still strong, sharp, and corrosion resistant to the max.

Mutu Light Pocket Packs Mutu Light Pro Packs
size 2 8/bag
size 1 8/bag
size 1/0 7/bag
size 2/0 6/bag
size 3/0 5/bag
size 4/0 5/bag
size 5/0 4/bag
size 2 46/bag
size 1 46/bag
size 1/0 40/bag
size 2/0 34/bag
size 3/0 28/bag
size 4/0 28bag
size 5/0 25/bag
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